100 Years Old is the New 60

This episode of Bulletproof Radio is recorded in person at the XPRIZE event (which Bulletproof is sponsoring) with neurosurgeon, Dr. Bob Hariri.

Dr. Hariri is an amazing human being with 30 years of experience as a neurosurgeon and a medical entrepreneur. He has created a huge number of startups, and is innovating at the very forefront of how we can gain control of our own biology.

Dr. Hariri’s work has now expanded to include anti-ageing, longevity and stem cell treatments particularly with a company called Celularity which is pioneering some of the most innovative ways we can live longer than we ever thought we could.

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100 Years Old is the New 60 – Dr. Bob Hariri #539


Website: humanlongevity.com
Website: celularity.com
TedMed: tedmed.com

Show Notes

  • Why One Hundred is the new Sixty 00:01:30
  • Stems cells as a product 00:04:50
  • The challenge in cellular medicine 00:05:30
  • As we age we damage our own stem cells 00:06:40
  • Ethical and moral considerations behind stem cells 00:09:45
  • Do cells have a consciousness? 00:12:50
  • What is Hybrid vigour? 00:14:20
  • We can quality check stem cells 00:15:15
  • Are stem cells transient? 00:17:30
  • Is the USA regulating themselves out of invention? 00:26:10
  • Rewrite the Hippocratic oath 00:29:35
  • Who reads the pharmaceutical inserts 00:31:15
  • “Our global leadership thinks it is in a better position to judge the end of life care than we are.” 00:36:05
  • Stem cells and cancer 00:42:00
  • How long Bob plans to live 00:45:30

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