Bromantane: Permanently Increase Motivation? (Nootropic, Effects, Benefits & Uses)


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Bromantane (Ladasten) is a drug that purportedly improves overall functioning. It may help relieve fatigue and anxiety, improve learning, and help with physical activity. However, this drug is associated with limited side effects. This drug is banned by WADA, due to its performance enhancing abilities.

Dopamine is significantly enhanced by Bromantane. It does this through a NON-Depleting manner, via enhancing the actual enzyme (Tyrosine Hydroxylase), which converts Tyrosine into L-Dopa, and subsequently dopamine (1).
It strengthens motivation, mood and focus, via improving overall dopamine output from the amino acid L-Tyrosine found in the food we eat (1).
Bromantane also increases serotonin in the brain, which helps increase feelings of happiness (2).
In a study of 10 healthy subjects, bromantane improved productivity, vigilance, and motor performance (movement and coordinationMultiple clinical trials also showed that bromantane reduced anxiety (3).
In mice, bromantane reduced depression-caused inflammation. It decreased the levels of the following inflammatory cytokines (4).

Bromantane can be a powerful way to rev up sex drive, libido and orgasm intensities, whilst delaying sexual exhaustion, via reducing prolactin (5).
3 days of bromantane treatment increased rats’ sex drive (desire for sexual activity). This dose-dependent effect may be caused by the increase in dopamine activity (6).
In male mice, bromantane administration increased sperm count and sperm movement. It also helped reduce embryo loss in female mice (5).

In rats, bromantane helps to stimulate the immune system during stressful conditions. It enhanced their resistance to toxic agents. Bromantane also increased immune cells (B-cell levels). This can help during fatigue recovery, high environmental temperature, and low oxygen conditions (7).
In a month-long study of 728 asthenia patients, 50 and 100 mg doses of bromantane helped reduce neurasthenia symptoms and improved their sleep. It also improved the patients’ quality of life, and only 3% of the patients experienced minor side effects (8).
Bromantane alters brain waves (similar to meditation). People with high alpha waves had increased low-beta waves and decreased high-beta waves, and vice versa in people with low alpha waves (9).

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