Jul 20, 2019

In episode 54, we are joined by
Dr. Tro Kalayjian. Dr. Tro’s
weight loss story begun at childhood. He grew
up obese in an obese family with multiple complications brought by
their condition. He knew he wanted to be a doctor early on to find
the cure to his family’s complications and their struggle with
weight. He went through college, medical school, and residency; and
consistently gained pounds every year. His life changed when one
day, he accepted his wife’s challenge to finally lose the weight so
that he can better help his patients to get off medication and
start their weight loss journey the healthy way.

Today, Dr. Tro Kalayjian is a
board-certified Internal Medicine & Obesity Medicine
 He has lost
150lbs and reclaimed his health for himself and his family by
ignoring much of the conventional medical advice that we have been
told. He’s also the Medical Director of Dr. Tro’s Medical Weight
Loss and Direct Primary Care that specializes in obesity and takes
a therapeutic focus on diabetes, obesity, hypertension,
hyperlipidemia, metabolic syndrome and PCOS.

Dr. Tro tells listeners:
“If stress is making you eat,
that is by design and it’s normal. The question is what input you
give to your body. If you give it the right input and food, you’re
gonna get the right output.”



  • How
    to start your weight loss journey
  • The
    common misconceptions on weight loss 
  • Hormonal, societal,and lifestyle influences
    that contribute to obesity
  • The
    science between hunger and stress.
  • Benefits of community and lifestyle support in
    controlling obesity.


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