5-day Vegan Fast (why it’s so great for your health & how to do it)

Can fasting help you live a longer, healthier life?

According to a growing amount of research, it can.

Best of all, just about ANYONE can do it.

So on this episode of The Dr. Gundry Podcast, I’m going to show you how.

Tune in to hear details about my 5-day modified vegan fast in both the Plant Paradox and Longevity Paradox books.

And don’t let the word “vegan” fool you.

You can live to a ripe old age WITHOUT completely cutting meat and dairy from your daily diet. 

So stick around. This is not an episode you’ll want to miss about the 5-day vegan fast, plus other fasting alternatives.

On this episode you’ll learn:

  • The reason Seventh-day Adventists are some of the longest living people on Earth (1:45)
  • Why the “more is more” mentality about protein is a FARCE (4:00)
  • The hormone that’s HIGH in cancer patients… and LOW in healthy elderly people (5:30)
  • A myth about muscles… and why I’m setting the record straight (8:10)
  • The protein LIE “Big Food” wants you to believe (8:50)
  • The link between colon cancer, breast cancer… and meat (10:30)
  • Why I’m a self-described “veg-aquarian” and what that means (11:15)
  • How often I eat STEAK… and where I go to get it (11:40)
  • My opinion on prolonged water fasting (13:00)
  • How to “trick” your body into thinking you’re a vegan… while still getting to eat meat and dairy (15:45)
  • If you can drink coffee when you’re fasting (20:00)
  • About my wine-only diet experiment (20:45)
  • My weird connection with Bill Murray (21:15)
  • “Safe” bean brands (22:40)
  • If you should take supplements when you’re fasting (26:00)
  • Why most people don’t lose weight during Ramadan (31:30)
  • My advice for hungry people (it doesn’t involve eating) (32:30)

Mentioned on this episode:

Valter Longo

The Plant Paradox 

The Longevity Paradox


Alcohol and ketosis 

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*The Dr. Gundry Podcast does not offer medical advice.

Vegan Fast Lecture Transcript


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