5 Reasons Why Travelling To The Sahara (And Marrakesh) Will Upgrade Your Life

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Yup, you read that right – traveling to the middle of the largest hot desert on earth (and the mystical city of Marrakesh) can help your personal growth. 

How, exactly?

Well, to give you context, two of Mindvalley’s most active tribe members, Simon Bensaidy & Samantha Ruberto, will be hosting Mindvalley’s first adventure experience in Morocco.   

They’ll take you on a journey of wonder and self-discovery through the beautiful city of Marrakesh, as well as parts of the Sahara desert. 

Tanya Lopez has served for six years as Events and Creative Director for A-Fest and Mindvalley, and she’s also helping organize this week-long adventure from 1-7 November this year. 

Here are five reasons why joining them on this trip will transform you for the better:

1) You Get To Connect With Mindvalley’s Amazing Tribe

Shot at Mindvalley A-Fest.

If there’s one thing Mindvalley’s good at, it’s attracting the most amazing people on the planet.

Whether online or offline, Mindvalley brings together people obsessed with personal growth – and each of them is looking to build lifelong connections just like you. 

Personal growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum – it’s about meeting the right people to learn from, and forming deep and meaningful connections with them. 

And that’s why this works. This isn’t your regular networking event – you won’t just be trading business cards at a convention center. 

Instead, you’ll be sharing personal stories during this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, building quality connections you’ll treasure for life.

And if previous Mindvalley events are any indication, you’ll continue to meet up and connect with your tribe, long after introducing yourselves.

2) You’ll Be Living In The Moment

Being in the middle of nowhere forces you to live in the moment. You’ll get intimate, not just with the people around you, but also with the destination itself. 

Back home, we tend to fall into a mindless routine. 

We send instant messages to our friends, check our social media accounts, and tune out as we watch TV at the end of the day.

But being in the middle of the desert forces you to be present. There’s nothing to do BUT focus on your surroundings and interact with other people. 

When that happens, you become fully immersed in the experience. You pay attention to the smallest details, both of yourself and other people and cultures. 

The more you travel, the more your horizons expand, and the more you grow as an individual.

3) Travel makes you more creative

Creativity comes from the sum of all the experiences you’ve had in your life. So the more you experience, the more creative you become. 

Travel forces you to get out of your comfort zone. While you’re in unfamiliar territory, inevitably, you experience new things.

All these add to your life experiences. As the sum of your life experiences grows, there’s more to inspire you and give you ideas. 

Also, while on this adventure, you’ll be able to tap into the collective experience of EVERYONE attending the adventure with you. 

If you’ve been having a problem or roadblock in your personal life, share them with the group. They would either have solved that problem before, or they’ll be creative enough to come up with a solution for you.  

Shot at Mindvalley’s Mastermind session in Thailand.

Either way, travel opens up your creativity much more compared to when you’re just staying home.

4) You’ll Be Living Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

Perhaps the best thing about this adventure is that it’s designed to bring you out of your comfort zone. 

For most people, the desert is the most unfamiliar place in the world. And it’s while you’re out there, far from home, that you’re forced to grow. 

After all, it makes sense – when you’re back home, you settle into a routine. You do the same old things, and never change your circumstances. 

Continuing to do what you already know, won’t make you grow. 

But while you’re out in the desert, you’re open to new experiences and new perspectives. You have a chance to learn lessons you’d never usually learn at home. 

It’s in those moments of discomfort and uncertainty that you grow.

5) Why THIS Trip In Particular Will Make You Grow

Contrary to popular belief however, merely going out of your comfort zone does not automatically mean growth. 

When you go too far out of your comfort zone, you enter ‘The Zone of Destructive Anxiety’ – a place where you become so anxious that you shut down

Scientists have discovered that the ideal zone for growth somewhere outside of your comfort zone, but not too far away – an area they call the ‘Zone of Proximal Development’.

It’s the area between what you’re able to learn on your own, and what you can successfully do with the help of a teacher or a knowledgeable peer. 

See, trying to learn things on your own involves trial and error. It costs you time, money, and brings unpredictable results. 

But once you tap into the knowledge and wisdom of others who know more than you, you create the perfect environment for accelerated growth. 

And that’s what this Mindvalley adventure aims to do.  

It’s not just a holiday trip. We’ve crafted a unique experience to bring you out of your comfort zone while being surrounded by the most brilliant minds from the Mindvalley community.

Shot at Mindvalley A-Fest in Portugal.

Everything has been carefully designed to help you break through to the next stage of your evolution, and transform yourself through powerful connections with the tribe.    

So if you’d like to be a part of this Mindvalley adventure through Marrakesh and the Sahara, then don’t forget to sign up! 

What do you think of meditating while watching the sunrise over the sand dunes in the Sahara? Let us know in the comments below!

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