A Holistic Approach to Hair Loss: Dr. Sophia Kogan #535

Dr. Kogan earned her medical degree from SUNY Downstate Medical School in Brooklyn, New York, where she studied Dermatology and completed a Pediatric Dermatology fellowship.

Her interests in holistic and integrative medicine led her to study and lead research on the effects of herbs, nutrition, and stress management on overall wellness, and particularly how they manifest in the health of hair and skin.

She also has a personal investment in this work, as she suffered hair loss due to an eating disorder and stress during her medical training. Now, as the chief medical officer of Nutrafol, she continues scientific research into drug-free solutions that help stimulate healthy hair growth.

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Dr. Sophia Kogan #535


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Show Notes

  • People lose hair for a multitude of reasons 00:03:40
  • What are the risks with minoxidil? 00:06:00
  • Top three hair loss variables 00:7:50
  • What is stress? 00:08:10
  • The 21-century conundrum 00:12:00
  • The difference between acute stress and chronic stress 00:14:45
  • Can we recover lost follicles? 00:18:30
  • How cortisol factors into hair loss 00:19:30
  • How much hair loss is from heavy metal toxicity 00:20:45
  • Don’t use deodorant that has aluminum in it 00:22:00
  • Things we can do to stay on top of stress and cortisol 00:28:00
  • The female menstrual cycle and hair loss/growth 00:31:40
  • How birth control pills affect hair loss 00:35:45
  • Covering up the symptom (hair loss) without addressing the issue 00:41:10
  • The less you do to your hair the better 00:43:50
  • How diet can affect your hair 00:49:00
  • Hair loss is a symptom of something happening in the body that is not supposed to be 00:51:35

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