Are You A Part Of The Snowflake Generation? Here’s How To Tell

Many of us have heard of the snowflake generation. But what on earth does this phrase actually mean?

The only thing we can all agree on is that if you asked someone what the snowflake generation was twenty years ago, they would’ve been completely confused by the question.

So, what is the snowflake generation that everyone’s talking about?

What is the snowflake syndrome?

The snowflake syndrome is often characterized as an egoistic behavior characterized by excessive victimization: someone who believes others have done them wrong. Additionally, they often feel as if the rest of the world simply doesn’t understand what they’re going through.

You have probably seen this type of behavior unfold before. Maybe a child that started crying because he didn’t get the toy he wanted. Or didn’t want to wait for the bus to arrive.

You may have even thought to yourself: kids really need to toughen up these days.

This kind of behavior seems to be a phenomenon that is rapidly spreading. But what causes it?

Many parents nowadays use a new form of parenting psychology which indicates that you should remain calm and receptive when a child is throwing a tantrum. But is it possible for them to listen to you and understand at such a young age?

The truth is, a parent’s chosen “parenting style” is what ultimately shapes a child’s psychology. At some point, parents have to decide how to raise their children.

The problem? Their best intentions to protect their little ones can do more harm than good. This phenomenon is call helicopter parenting, alongside it’s more aggressive form: lawnmower parenting.

These two forms of parenting have contributed to the creation of a generation filled with sensitive, expectant, and easily victimized children. The creation of generation snowflake has been a development none of us really anticipated.

So, what does this mean for our future and the future of our children?

What is the snowflake test?

Is there a way to tell whether someone is a part of the snowflake generation?

Well, Kyle Reyes developed a snowflake test, which received an immense amount of backlash. The main argument lodged against him? That political beliefs have nothing to do with a potential employee’s work ethic.

The truth of the matter is, generation snowflake has received a lot of negative press. But there are a lot of misconceptions about what this generation is all about and what they stand for.

Pros and cons of different parenting approaches

Luckily, there are positive parenting solutions and approaches that can help you build a solid foundation for both you and your children.

Jon Butcher, Author of Mindvalley’s Lifebook Program, spoke publicly on how to create a better life for yourself by working on your personality.

Check out his video on how to become a stronger, more accomplished parent.

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What do you think of generation snowflake? Share your thoughts below.

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