Biohacking Secrets: What To Eat If You Want To Cheat Death

Can you live to be One Hundred and Eighty?

The first step, according to Dave Asprey, legendary Biohacker, New York Times bestselling author, and Founder of Bulletproof Coffee is DON’T DIE!

In this short snippet, Dave reveals the four major killers in modern society that prevent most people from reaching old age – and what you can do to avoid them.

It’s part of an exclusive 60-minute training, available for free only for the next 3 days on Mindvalley Mentoring, where Dave shares the most potent longevity hacks he’s discovered in his extensive research.

Dave is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur who spent two decades and over $300,000 hacking his own biology. He’s now one of the best-known biohackers on the planet, and for the next three days, he’s sharing this incredible science with you.

What is biohacking?

Simply put, biohacking is the conscious control of your external environment to enrich your physical and mental health. It involves monitoring what you eat, hear, see, touch, and smell, to guide the external stimuli around you to facilitate a better, healthier version of yourself.

This is one of the most valuable and scientifically backed Mindvalley Mentoring episodes out there, and we think it’s worth sharing with as many people as possible.

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