How to Build a Better Brain, Brand & Business – Patrick Schwarzenegger – #947

A journey with its share of mishaps, too: “We had so many things that went wrong and that was kind of the fun part was learning about that and finding ways to fix it. That’s wanting to be an entrepreneur or that’s embarking on that journey, you’re going to have speed bumps. You can do […]

Ido Portal: The Science & Practice of Movement

Listen: YouTube | Apple Podcasts | Spotify My guest is Ido Portal, the world’s foremost expert on human movement. Ido has spent a lifetime studying, combining and evolving elements from an enormous range of martial arts, dance genres, athletic endeavors, and science, to develop a unified theory and practice of movement called “The Ido Portal […]

A pilot immunotherapy trial is one step on a long road toward curing cancer

“Remission in every patient” reads the New York Times headline about a study published earlier this month in the New England Journal of Medicine. In a cohort of 12 participants with rectal cancer, a novel drug “completely obliterated a cancer in every patient.” No radiation. No chemotherapy. No surgery. To read this NYT article, one […]

NuCalm To Neutralize Stress In Minutes, Improve Your HRV, & More.

I see it every single day with my coaching and consulting clients: otherwise healthy men and women come to me ready to throw in the towel because, even after dialing in their diet, supplementation, and exercise regimens, they still aren’t seeing the results they’re working tirelessly to achieve. It can be incredibly frustrating and confusing. […]

Ben’s Fitness & Nutrition Priorities, Biometrics Testing, & More.

Roger Snipes is a fitness entrepreneur with an unshakable desire to improve the world. While growing up in a crime-stricken neighborhood, living with an abusive father, and spending time homeless as a teenager, Roger found fitness training to be his home and therapy. As a young adult, Roger shifted from job to job trying to find […]

Hacking Mast Cells, Hormones & Mold– Interventions With Dave – Lisa B. – #949

… Dave talks with Lisa B. about the frustration she’s experiencing with her health conditions. She says she lives a healthy lifestyle and does the “right things” and still struggles with chronic low energy. Her kids often say, “you never feel well, mom.” She agrees but finds it difficult to explain why.Now in her early […]