BPC-157 Health Benefits: Gut Health, Injury Healing, Deep Sleep, GABA, Nootropic & Inflammation.

BPC-157 Health Benefits: Gut Health, Injury Healing, Deep Sleep, GABA, Nootropic & Inflammation.

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BPC-157 is, in a word, a peptide. A peptide is simply a sequence of amino acids. BPC-157 is a synthetic peptide that is being investigated for its regenerative effects. BPC, for reasons you’re about to discover, stands for “Body Protecting Compound”.
BPC-157 has a myriad of health benefits, ranging from enhancing healing from injuries, restoring gut health, preventing brain damage and promotes systemic healing to many areas of the body. It really does have the power to act as an adaptogenic peptide.

BPC-157 has been used by people that have completely abused their brain with illicit drugs such as amphetamines and even benzodiazepines. Surprisingly, BPC-157 has the potential to normalise this damage in rat model (1).
BPC-157 may help to reduce withdrawal from morphine (2).
BPC-157 may help to support normal GABA functioning, thereby supporting mood and anxiety levels (3).
BPC-157 can protect dopamine neurons and support normal dopamine signalling in the brain, thereby supporting motivation and attention issues (4).
BPC-157 can protect against serotonin syndrome via downregulation of 5-HT2a receptors (5).

Gut Health
Protects against stomach ulcers and damage caused by NSAID drugs (6).
Helps to reduce inflammation in the gut (7).
Works well against IBS, IBD conditions, since it can restore normal intestinal cell functions (8).
BPC-157 has a very strong reputation in the sporting industry to speed up muscle injuries, joint issues, tendon issues and even ligament issues via many biochemical mechanisms (9).
BPC-157 can support normal bone mineral density and healing (10).

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