Carnivore Diet, Cleaning Out Your Colon, Eating Brains, Hunting Zebras & Much More With Paul Saladino.

The Truth About The Carnivore Diet: Everything You Need To Know About Dangers, Benefits, Mistakes & Hacks For Eating Only Meat.“

And now he’s back!

In this episode, we discuss my time at the Swiss Mountain Clinic, liver detoxes, European Biological Medicine, peptides, spirituality, hunting, survival, homemade pesto, BFR training, my carnivore diet results (of course!) and much more.

Throughout the course of his life, Paul Saladino has embarked on many adventures that have shaped his personal interests—including his unique, individualized approach to medicine. After studying chemistry at the College of William and Mary, he spent 6 years traveling and exploring. Highlights included a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, a summer in the New Zealand backcountry, and 2 years skiing and climbing in Wyoming’s Teton Mountains.

He returned to academic studies after these adventures, first becoming a physician assistant and practicing in cardiology before training at the University of Arizona, obtaining his M.D. in 2015. He is a certified functional medicine practitioner (IFMCP) through the Institute for Functional Medicine and will complete his residency in psychiatry at the University of Washington this June. When he is not researching connections between nutritional biochemistry and chronic disease he can be found in the frigid waters of the pacific northwest in search of the perfect wave.

In my conversation with Paul Saladino, you’ll hear…

-About my recent trip to the Swiss Clinic…7:38

  • BGF podcast of Q&A sessions delivered at the Swiss Clinic
  • Colon cleanses
  • Hyperthermic therapy for cancer
  • Liver treatments (INDIBA)
  • UV treatments for blood
  • Vitamin IVs
  • Biophotonic therapy
  • Intensive fasting first 5 days; diet customized according to an individual’s needs or condition
  • Digital detox: no wifi, no Bluetooth, etc.
  • Nature therapy; hikes and walks in the mountains
  • Ben’s two boys attended

-Carnivore diet results from my 12-week “bastardized” version…24:18

  • Very positive results
    • Good bowel movements
    • Good energy
    • Significant increase in muscle mass
  • Missed the social aspect of food (veggies from the garden, home-made recipes, etc.)
  • “Quality of life” equation
  • BGF podcast with Todd White of Dry Farm Wines
  • People have varying tolerances for plant foods
  • My two biggest takeaways from the experience
    • Raw vegetables are interfering with my digestion
    • Organ meats are energizing for drive, performance, muscle gain
  • Ancestral Supplements

-Nutrient profiles of organ meats…38:50

-Differing returns on investment hunting small vs. big animals…51:21

-What are the best edible plants?…54:06

-How to understand the effects vegetables have on your body, for better or worse…1:01:00

  • Raw garlic helped Ben with his giardia, but otherwise can cause bloating
  • Paul was vegan for 7 months
    • Was bloated constantly
    • Remained committed to the ideology in spite of the unpleasant consequences

-My thoughts on peptides…1:04:52

  • You can create amino acid sequences that target specific cellular function
  • Some peptides cross the blood-brain barrier and act as neuroinflammatory
  • Decreased risk of all-cause mortality (Epitalon)
  • Humanin and motsC are the two most studied peptides currently
    • Unscheduled
    • Not approved by FDA for human consumption
  • The International Peptide Society
  • Many peptides are inexpensively produced in China; have undesirable compounds in them and incorrect amino acid sequences
  • Tailor Made Compounding
  • The industry has expanded beyond bodybuilding to more useful functions such as mitochondrial function, gut healing, nootropics, etc.
  • Frequency of injection varies by type of peptide and by individual need
  • Dr. Vladimir Khavinson did clinical research on epitalon
    • 10-day protocol, 2x yearly
    • Inject epitalon every day
  • Ben’s personal experience with peptides
    • Saw no noticeable effects after doing the epitalon protocol
    • Big difference after BPC 157 and TB500
    • “Clean burning energy with enhanced focus”

-The most radical thing I’ve done in the last month…1:15:35

  • Read two books while suffering from giardia
  • “I’ve realized that my family isn’t just my wife and kids. It’s the people around me and in my community. I need to be more committed to that family as well.”

-And much more!

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

BGF podcast with Paul Saladino

BGF podcast of my Q&A sessions delivered at the Swiss Clinic

BGF podcast on Unschooling

BGF podcast with Todd White of Dry Farm Wines

Ancestral Supplements

White Oak Pastures

U.S. Wellness Meats  (code GREENFIELD gets 15% off storewide. Offer good for up to 2 orders per customer. Excludes orders over 40 lbs, sale items, volume discounts, and gift certificates.)

Book: Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky

Paul Saladino’s podcast with Miki Ben Dor

BGF article on curing Giardia naturally

Book: Falling Upward by Richard Rohr

Book: The Second Mountain by David Brooks

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