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Recalibrate Yourself with Quantum Energy – Philipp Samor von Holtzendorff-Fehling – #890

But how can quantum energy and specific frequencies have such a powerful effect on humans, animals and even plants? Philipp looked to science for the answers. Leela submits its products to be scientifically studied by third party institutes and doctor’s offices. “We create something until we know it’s basically ideal, but then we want to…

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Is Beta-Alanine Worth It? What the Science Says

Beta-alanine is a popular amino acid supplement taken by athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Beta-alanine is also available through certain foods and offers potential anti-aging and performance benefits. Discover the optimal dosage of this non-essential amino acid, along with its science-backed benefits. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you’re ready to level up your…

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Upgrade Your Energy with a Hormone-Gut-Immune Trifecta – Dr. Amy Shah – Best of 2021

… Dr. Amy Shah’s approach to managing energy struck a chord with listeners. Dr. Shah, a double board-certified physician, searched for a complete mental, hormonal, and inflammatory reset after she experienced a car accident and personal energy crisis. And while she uses an integrative and holistic approach to wellness in her medical practice, what she…

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