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Alzheimer’s Targets Women’s Brains Decades Before Symptoms Show – Maria Shriver & Dr. Lisa Mosconi – #880

Maria Shriver is a champion of Alzheimer’s awareness. For two decades she’s been reporting, writing and fundraising for it, specifically relating to how it impacts women. She founded the The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, a nonprofit that brings together doctors, researchers and brain experts to support Alzheimer’s research, clinical trials, and information sharing. It also provides…

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The Science of Gratitude & How to Build a Gratitude Practice

Listen: YouTube | Apple Podcasts | Spotify In this episode, Dr. Huberman discusses the science of gratitude, shown in peer-reviewed studies, to have tremendous positive effects on mental and physical health. He explains, however, that most commonly used gratitude practices are ineffective (such as gratitude lists). The key elements of highly effective gratitude practices are…

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6 Simple Strategies to Boost Digestion and Beat Holiday Bloat

Overeating can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort and a less-than-cheery post-meal feeling. Digestion can be negatively impacted by eating large amounts of food, which makes taking care of your gut health critical during the holiday season. Occasional bloating and discomfort from large holiday meals can be staved off by taking a few precautionary measures. The holidays…

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