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Dr. John Lieurance & Ben Greenfield On Medical Biohacking

Dr. John Lieurance is a naturopathic physician, chiropractic neurologist, and all-around expert in medical biohacking who has been in private practice in Florida for 25 years. He is the chief scientific advisor of MitoZen Scientific and heads up Advanced Rejuvenation, a multi-disciplinary clinic with a focus on treating chronic diseases, regenerative medicine, functional neurology, functional…

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How to Hack Ergonomics So You Can Maximize Focus, Energy, & Mobility

Way back in 2018, I posted an item-by-item breakdown of my workspace, which included everything from a stand-up desk to ergonomic chairs and stools, special keyboards, monitor lighting technology, a manual treadmill, balance board, standing mats, and more. Shortly after publishing, like clockwork, the armchair experts on social media took time out of their lives…

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Saving Villages in the Jungle, Psychology Quizzes, & More. 7 May 2022 Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren is a mixed martial artist, humanitarian, and founder of the non-profit Fight for the Forgotten. A native Texan and a high-school wrestling powerhouse, Justin won 10 state championships and was a five-time All American and two-time National Champion before becoming one of the youngest professional MMA athletes…

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