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Stem Cell Therapy Now – an Interview with Matthew Feshbach – Episode 26

Sep 25, 2018 Matthew Feshbach, founder and CEO of Ambrose Cell Therapy, joins the conversation to share information about stem cell research and treatment using stem cells. Feschbach explains the difference between types of stem cells and which are most effective for reparative therapies. They talk about why the body degenerates with age, related to stem cells.  Feshbach describes the…

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Treating Sexual Dysfunction without Drugs – an Interview with Dr. Anne Truong – Episode 28

Oct 23, 2018 On this episode, Dr. Anne Truong of Truong Rehabilitation Center joins Dr. Gladden, Mark and Robb to discuss how she has been using platelet rich plasma to treat sexual dysfunction in men. Dr. Anne describes the procedure of injecting platelet rich plasma and the kind of results she has seen in her patients. She also talks…

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Modeling Better Medicine with Technology – an Interview with Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai – Episode 29

Nov 6, 2018 On this episode, Mark and Dr. Gladden invite Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai to tell his story, from his childhood in India watching his grandmother practice traditional medicine on the weekends to working in the U.S. in medical research and running for U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. Shiva has grown many businesses that focus on technology, with a frequent…

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The Electronics of the Brain – an Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Marksberry – Episode 30

On this podcast focused on health and human longevity, Dr. Jeffrey R. Gladden, MD, FACC, and host Mark Young examine the latest scientific research, technology and bio-hacks to uncover the truth about the human body’s potential for extending both life and health span well past the what most people accept as biological fact. …

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Breaking Through the Limits You Set for Yourself – Episode 32

At what age were you at your very best physically, mentally and spiritually? Traditional medicine sets the “standard” about your age, deciding what levels indicate health. This means accepting when things start to go wrong rather than intervening medically. Traditional “anti-aging” experts ask how to turn the clock back. A third set considers how…

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