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The Shocking Secret Of Blue Zones Longevity! | Dr. Steven Gundry

Everybody in the blue zones has one commonality in their diet that makes them live longer and healthier than the average people, backed by recent large health studies explained by Dr. Steven Gundry. Watch the full interview by Lewis Howes here: Speaker: Steven Gundry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch How Your Thoughts Are Connected To The Future By Dr. Joe…

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Product Review: Gundry Vital Reds

This is my review of the polyphenol-rich Gundry Vital Reds formula. #GundryVitalReds #GundryMD #VitalReds 🔔Subscribe and click the 🛎so you never miss new content ✅Eat the Earth Challenge (click the podcast page) Only at 👀Eat the Earth Challenge Explanation Video 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 ✅Join the Eat the Earth Challenge Facebook Group today!!! 📱Follow me on Twitter 🎙Paul Falavolito Podcasts 📙To Purchase my Book “The…

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Dr. Christy answers the question "Why bother getting vaccinated - it doesn't work anyway" in response to the outbreak seen in Provincetown. If you are vaccine hesitant or know someone that is, watch this video! REFERENCES: Effectiveness of Pfizer vaccine against the Delta variant: Effectiveness of Moderna vaccine against Delta variant: Effectiveness of the J&J vaccine against Delta variant: Study…

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