Collagen Charcoal Beauty Elixir Recipe


You may think of sleep as lost time, but when it comes to your biology, the opposite is true. When you’re snoozing under the covers, your body keeps mighty busy repairing damaged cells and detoxing – taking out cell waste that comes from everyday processes.

When it all goes well, it shows in your glow. Radiant, hydrated skin shows that your body isn’t burdened with more toxins than you can eliminate, and it shows that the collagen in your skin is still in good shape.

This soothing beauty elixir contains delicious and beneficial ingredients like:

  • Lavender – a mild anti-microbial and a popular addition to relaxing teas and aromatherapy blends
  • Lemon – one of the best sources of vitamin C you can find
  • Collagen – an anti-aging powerhouse
  • Coconut charcoal – a powerful toxin scavenger
  • Raw honey – a sleep hack that provides energy for your brain to use during sleep, it’s most active time

These ingredients work together beautifully. Charcoal binds toxins in your cells and ushers them out of the body, which keeps toxic substances from exiting the body through your skin (think acne, redness). Your body needs vitamin C and collagen peptides to strengthen its own collagen, so consuming them together ensures you get the most out of supplementing. A small dose of raw honey before bed helps you fall asleep and gives your brain an energy boost to do its own repairs while you dream. Lavender brings it all together as a calming tea that melts the day’s stress away.

Sleep sounds like a lot of work for your body, and it is. Why not help things along? Sip on this Collagen Charcoal Beauty Elixir to unwind from the stresses of the day, while giving your body the things it needs to carry out its nightly renewal.

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Collagen Charcoal Beauty Elixir Recipe

Collagen Charcoal Beauty Elixir Recipe

Start to Finish: 8 minutes


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tsp dried lavender
  • Powder from 1 Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal capsule
  • 1 scoop collagen protein
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1 tsp raw honey or sweetener of choice


  1. Steep lavender for 5 minutes in boiled water from your tea kettle. If you do not use an infuser to steep, strain the tea using a metal mesh strainer to remove lavender.
  2. Open one charcoal capsule over the mug, pour contents in. Add lemon juice.
  3. Pour steeped tea over the charcoal and lemon.
  4. Add in collagen slowly while stirring, then add honey or sweetener and mix.
  5. Sip and enjoy!

Serves: 1

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