Dr. Olga Stevko Shares Her Method For Venturing Into The Subconscious

Dr. Olga Stevko, MD is an expert at helping people achieve rapid transformation for professional and personal growth. Her clients include over 1,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, celebrities, doctors, and other professionals and their family members. Dr. Stevko helps her clients identify and transform unconscious programs that create issues in various areas of their lives, including health, relationships, and business.

Her unique methodology allows her to see patterns in how the nervous system reacts to the outside world with flight, fight, and freeze responses. These patterns affect both the mind and body, how people look, think, feel, react, communicate, and behave, as well as aging and longevity.

By observing her clients’ faces, posture, quality of voice, and verbal and nonverbal communication styles, Dr. Stevko can rapidly assess their patterns in life and what unconscious programs cause them. After transforming key limiting unconscious programs, Dr. Stevko’s clients experience fast and permanent results. Clients have also reported dramatic positive changes in their face, posture, voice, mental processing, communication, behavior, and energy.

During this discussion, you’ll discover:

-How your unconscious shapes your life experience and is tied to your nervous system…7:06

  • Neuroscience has shown that 95% of our life experiences are shaped by our unconscious programs
  • Everything in our environment—what we see, hear touch, smell, and taste—can trigger some unresolved trauma

-What epigenetic trauma is…8:41

  • Environment creates nervous system responses like the fight, flight, or freeze modes, which affect pretty much everything in your body—including muscles, immune system, and cardiovascular system
  • How people respond shows up in their faces, posture, how they walk, quality of voice, how they write
  • Trauma is passed on genealogically; genes can express traumatic experiences
  • BGF podcast with David Rabin
    • Apollo wearable developed to help with trauma (15% discount automatically applied at checkout when you use my link)
    • Dutch hunger winter
    • People on plant medicine journeys release various epigenetic traumas

-How training to link deductive and observational analysis with neurolinguistic programming and physiology works…9:57

  • Olga created her methodology by combining aspects of her training in medicine, philosophy, and psychology

-How Olga identifies trauma using neuromuscular indicators…12:13

  • Looks for tension in the face and posture. Is the body rigid or fluid?
  • Differentiates source of trauma/tension by how distress is manifesting
  • Muscle tension creates certain lines in the body, like in the forehead, nose, and mouth
  • Tension in the jaw and vocal cord muscles affects voice

-How unconscious programs affect behavior…18:50

  • Identify what unconscious programs cause certain issues
  • Looks at how the neck and head are aligned with the entire body
  • Ben’s neck position is a little bit forward and a little bit in; could be an indication of an unconscious need to protect himself
  • Unconscious mind creates that protection all the time
  • When listening to voice, listen to pitch, volume, melody, intonation…
  • Talking too slow and in monotone, for example, could be an indication of a more ‘freeze’ state of the nervous system
    • Sometimes an indication of a very fast mental process, but a slow physical reaction

-The link between physiological presentation and interpretation of trauma…24:30

  • Everybody has experienced unpleasant events
  • Experiments show that trauma passes genealogically, even through several generations
  • Trauma manifests in muscle tone, voice, posture
  • Energetic psychotherapy practitioners are successfully resolving trauma by looking at face muscle tension, posture, etc. by identifying certain unconscious programs that create the fight, flight, or freeze responses
  • Transforming these programs could automatically change the speed of mental processes, voice, speech, even facial muscle tone

-The combination of modalities used to treat the unconscious mind…32:30

  • No supplements, talk therapy, or hypnosis in Dr. Olga’s treatment modalities
  • Uses a combination of modalities, some of which were studied under Milton Erickson, who used “trance” and language pattern, among other techniques
  • Identifies trauma from the face, posture, and drawings, what unconscious program caused it, uses the unconscious mind to resolve identified trauma
  • Created a how-to process that brings up awareness of what caused the trauma, what unconscious program causes the experience of physical sensations, shortened emotions, or metaphorical sensations
    • A feeling of emptiness in some part of the body, great tension, even pain for some people, some kind of anxious feeling, “butterflies,” a sense of chaos—or in some people, not feeling anything, a sense of numbness, shutting down, no way out
    • Focus on one specific sense and establish communication with the unconscious mind
    • Unconscious mind finds all memories that created that sensation
    • Work on the unconscious program processes
    • The unconscious program will be transformed, the feeling will be gone, and the nervous system will never respond in the same way around the same triggers
  • Yale University Psychology professor John Bargh: Unconscious thought, and in general, the unconscious mind affects most things, how we perceive ourselves and the world around us, affects our decision making, choices, behavior, motivation

-An analysis of Ben’s physiological indicators…47:10

  • Ben’s face, without the neuromuscular looks on his forehead, eyes, mouth, and chin, would look 10 to 15 years younger
  • Look for symmetry or asymmetry. Ben has more neuromuscular looks on his left eye; “subjectively, things look a little better through the left eye”
  • A lot of things going on in Ben’s mind, multitasking…

-An analysis of Ben’s drawing as a psychological indicator…53:02

  • More or less, Ben’s thoughts are organized
  • Multiple thoughts at the same time, sometimes doesn’t finish one thought before moving on to the next
  • Some people don’t have the ability to focus on multiple thoughts

-Indications of multitasking proficiency and efficiency…55:20

  • Multitasking manifested in work, such as multiple tabs while working on a computer
  • Ben usually finishes things he starts
  • Most people cannot multitask
  • Leaving a task unfinished will bug you incessantly, expending more energy

-FOMO and scarcity versus abundance…1:01:34

  • Some people have a very busy life schedule, can’t not say no
    • Living with a spirit of scarcity versus abundance
  • Activities become more structured after treatment

-How to affect behavior change…1:02:38

  • Identifying the unconscious program and what it manifests as in the body: muscle spasms, feelings, and transforming this unconscious program will change behavior

-Chasing challenges and the sense of achievement…1:08:36

  • Ben is very driven and has an unconscious need to do something else after accomplishing a challenge or a task

-Dr. Stevko’s individual and group services, including audio and video resources…1:14:12

-What psychoimmunology is…1:16:35

  • Psychoneuroimmunology; subconscious programs influence the nervous and cardiovascular systems
  • Unresolved trauma can create health conditions that manifest into disease, even in healthy people
  • Book: Biology Of Belief by Bruce Lipton
  • Book: Healing and Recovery by David Hawkins
  • Book: The Healing Code by Alexander Loyd

-How high blood pressure and hypertension fit in…1:18:02

  • Anxiety and stress cause high blood pressure and hypertension.

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