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Each Level Of Consciousness – What You Need To Know About Your Potential

What is consciousness?

Unfortunately, most of us still think of it as something inherently binary.

You’re either conscious or you’re unconscious, you’re awake or you’re asleep, you can see and hear what’s going on around you, or you can’t.

The truth is, however, consciousness is much more complex than this. As a matter of fact, each subcomponent of this presumed binary system is in and of itself composed of many differing subcomponents.

Each level of consciousness there within, has something unique to say about itself, as do the varying structures of the unconscious mind.

So you can see, properly understanding the full scope of consciousness can quickly become a bit of a task.

Yet in a directly synonymous fashion, understanding and utilizing the difference between each level of consciousness is in fact quite simple.

This is in large part due to the fact that at its core, consciousness is really just awareness.

Well to be fair, it’s an awareness of awareness.

An awareness of your place in the universe, of what makes you unique, and of what you specifically have to offer.

As we then discuss tapping into your true potential, and transcending this vibrational latter towards each new level of consciousness, we will come to realize that it all begins here, with a development of said awareness.

What Are The Levels Of Awareness?

What Does The Glasgow Coma Scale Assess?But of course, awareness is also something of a little trickster, as it too presents itself in a multitude of quantifiable forms.

What are the different levels of awareness, then?

A topic which has been widely debated for centuries, and again, will naturally present itself in many a fashion.

However, among all of the varying theories and resultant conclusions, Sigmund Freud’s model of the conscious, preconscious, and unconscious mind is generally agreed upon as today’s most efficient method for differentiating these levels of awareness.

Fortunately for us, this model is laid forth rather plainly.

The preconscious

The preconscious is a place where most of our memory is stored. It is composed of all the information which we could potentially bring forward into the conscious mind if we chose to do so.

The conscious

The conscious level of awareness is a place where we can logically and rationally, analyze and discuss the vastness of our memories, feelings, and desires in any given moment. It is an aspect of our thought process where we find ourselves distinctly aware, both of internal and external influences.

The unconscious

The unconscious mind is a place where all memory is stored, whether or not we are presently aware of its existence. Often, it is a mental residence where we ‘lock away’ our more unpleasant feelings, memories, and urges. Although, the unconscious mind is still thought to have a major influence on our overall behavior.

Not to be confused with that act of being unconscious, which is in fact something entirely different.

The unconscious mind as mentioned above is indeed a constituent of the conscious mind itself, where someone actually being unconscious is a mental phenomenon which is typically brought about by some dramatic external event.

What Does The Glasgow Coma Scale Assess?

What is level of consciousness?

The Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) exists to assess exactly this attribute of unconsciousness.

The GCS refers to a process by which an individual’s level of consciousness, or level of awareness is classified.

It addresses an individual’s magnitude of reasonable motor function response, verbal influence response, and capacity for proper functioning of the eyes.

Within each of these categories the scale systemizes a measuring component via the institution of a numbered ranking, which creates a spectrum of responsiveness.

It can then be said that an individual with a GCS score of 15 is fully conscious, and where one with a score anywhere below 8 is unconscious.

And although the GCS is primarily used here for assessing the status of patients with traumatic head injuries, we can indeed broaden the scope of its vision in order to better understand what it actually means to be aware.

As we then embrace all of this information, and become ourselves more aware of our awareness, we inevitably transition into our first heightened level of consciousness.

Fascinating, right? Everything you need to know about your true potential lies just around this corner.

But okay, let’s slow down a bit. What exactly does this mean, a ‘heightened level of consciousness’?

What Are Levels of Consciousness?

This is a great question to be asking, imperative even, and in order for us to truly understand each level of consciousness, again, we must stop thinking about it all as some binary system of this or that, and instead start thinking of it as a spectrum.

A path of growth, if you will, and as you grow through this spectrum, you begin to access an ever higher level of consciousness.Each level of consciousness here, is a byproduct of this transcendent happening.

The result of some radical paradigm shift, where the individual in question has allowed their perspective to broaden through a lens of unadulterated inquisition.

What Are 4 Levels Of Consciousness?

What are the different levels of consciousness?This is a spectrum which can be broken down into some rather specific and progressive classifications for each level of consciousness. Allowing us to develop a rational understanding of applicable growth.

Vishen Lakhiani, author of Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless program, has brilliantly accomplished this exact task, and lays out a successive integration of consciousness awakening through four distinct levels of an evolving mindset.

Well, there are actually five, but our first one, classified level zero, is of a prehistoric essence and it is thus safe for us to presume that we have all since moved beyond its encapsulation.

Level 0: Pre-consciousness

This first level of consciousness is how our pre human ancestors operated. These hunter-gatherers had awareness blossoming within them, but they did not yet have the language necessary to fully understand or express it.

Level 1: Awareness of the culturescape

When we move into Level 1, we become aware of a constructed world of cultural norms, practices, and expectations.

This is the level at which an estimated 95 percent of humanity currently operates.

The trouble with Level 1 consciousness is that we don’t question these societal norms.

We accept society’s definitions of things like love, career, and success. We even judge other people based on the magnitude by which we’ve expected that which we’ve been fed. But we don’t ever ask ourselves why we hold those beliefs, or if there might even be some kind of alternative.

Level 2: The awakening

As we start to question these imposed ideologies however, we transition towards a new level of consciousness, level 2.

We ask things like:

  • Why do I need a college degree?
  • Why do I practice this religion?
  • Do I really need to work a 9 to 5 job?

By asking these questions and allowing ourselves to really think about the answers, we start to see that actually, we don’t have to follow any of society’s rules.

We often then pursue the act of unplugging and may even start to experiment with meditation, visualization, or any other method by which we might be able to tune in to our higher self.

Mostly though, Level 2 is about the act of questioning and not so much the answers themselves. It’s about realizing that you can forge your own path, that you can choose something different than what everyone else is expecting of you.

Level 3: The state of limitless

When you’re at Stage 3, inspiration is guiding your intentions. You don’t really desire that much anymore. Rather, you feel your way into the world.

— Vishen Lakhiani, author of Mindvalley’s Becoming Limitless program.

This third level of consciousness is when you start to truly discover your own answers.

You become aware of your unique mission. You know that you are living out your true purpose.   

Then, you live that purpose so authentically, that the universe itself starts to back you up.

Things start to ‘just click’.

The Becoming Limitless program is specifically designed to get you to exactly this place of awareness, and in our pursuits of learning everything we need to know about our true potential, there honestly isn’t a better process out there today.

Level 4: Becoming extraordinary

When you get to stage 4, you feel so confident. You just know you’re going to succeed in what it is that you’re doing and it doesn’t come from arrogance. It comes from a deep love of contributing to humanity.

— Vishen Lakhiani

When you reach Level 4, your consciousness merges with everything.

You feel absolutely connected to all forms of life.   

 Level 4 consciousness is so rare that only a handful of people in the world can reach it on a regular basis. But there are many more that have experienced flashes of it.

It changes you completely.

Connecting The Dots: Each Level Of Consciousness

Change is what we’re all after here, right? To become something more than that which we currently are?

Everything you need to know about your true potential lies here, within this spectrum of growth and an embracing of each new level of consciousness.

When you ascend to a new level of spiritual awareness, you become more deeply aware of yourself, of the world as a whole, and of the energetic bonds which connect it all.

You will soon find everything you’ve ever been looking for.

Isolate where you currently reside along this spectrum, and then join us as we pursue a never ending path of transcendent becoming.

Have you ever experienced a moment of growth like this? A moment where you perhaps transitioned from one level of consciousness to another? Maybe you’ve even had a glimpse of level 4? Share your stories with us in a comment below, as we’d love to hear all about your own journey towards Becoming Limitless.

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