Gundry MD | Plateauing on goals

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In today’s video, Dr. Gundry discusses the problem with modern-day fruit. And how Dr. Gundry handles a plateau when it comes to reaching diet goals.
You’re eating the right lectin-free foods. You’re experiencing the delightful benefit of healthy weight loss. You’re committed to a healthy lifestyle and fighting off cravings left and right. But then one day, stress and temptation get the best of you. You drive to your grocery store and find ways to tank your progress. After you binge on lectin-rich foods, you might wonder how to get back on track with the diet.
Setbacks happen to everyone. Whether you’re counting calories each day or limiting unhealthy food full of lectins, a change to your lifestyle can be a real struggle. In a world where cravings and calories can upset healthy meals and workouts, can you get back on track with a healthy lectin-free diet before lectins get the best of you?

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0:03 – Is there a recommended serving size for seasonal fruit?
1:37 – what should I do when I hit a plateau?
2:40 – What Dr. Gundry did to lose weight

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