How SkyBlue® Light Boosts Energy and Improves Focus

Note that color temperature (CCT) alone does not communicate whether a light source will have the proper spectrum to address the melanopsin sensitivity curve.(3) SkyBlue® represents the missing link between artificial and natural light by bringing the circadian benefits of the sun to any indoor environment, regardless of color temperature. 

The science behind SkyBlue® is tried and true as this technology was originally developed by NASA scientists and engineers (including BIOS Vice President Robert Soler) to help astronauts achieve healthy sleep/wake patterns on the International Space Station. Today, SkyBlue® lighting solutions empower people to adapt to modern life by blending evolutionary biology with revolutionary lighting solutions in many different applications — including but not limited to homes, offices, hospitals, and schools.  People can now use SkyBlue®to live healthier, happier and more productive lives – as nature intended. 

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