How To Connect Your Body & Mind With Chakra Energy And Feel Whole Again

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Carl Jung once said that we all have a “spiritual thirst of our being for wholeness.”

Many of us feel that to quench this thirst we have to rely on external things or strive for perfection. But Anodea Judith, globally renowned energy healer and bestselling author says that energy already connects us and makes us whole.

In fact, energy is the connection between mind and body the same way your phone connects your software and your hardware.
— Anodea Judith

So why don’t most of us feel whole?

Usually, unresolved trauma is the root cause. When we don’t feel safe, we raise our defenses for protection. But these blocks, originally designed to help us, can leave us feeling disconnected from ourselves and others.

In this video, Anodea shares how chakras deal with more than just the physical body and help us live whole, balanced, and fulfilling lives.

Watch the video to learn a simple exercise that can instantly reconnect you to your bioenergy.

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