How to Show Up With Compassion & Kindness – Leon Logothetis #614

This episode of Bulletproof Radio features a guest who believes three small words can change the world: Go. Be. Kind. Leon Logothetis is a world-renowned motivational speaker, adventurer and philanthropist known as “The Kindness Guy.”

“Kindness is simply helping someone feel less alone,” Leon says. “That’s it. When you make someone feel like they matter, when you see someone, when you take someone’s loneliness or depression and transform it by simply being kind, that’s quite a profound way to be.”

What started as a travel adventure for him has become a kindness movement that’s been documented across five books, multiple television series, including Netflix and National Geographic International, as well as social media.

Leon posted on his Instagram: Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool. “We are on the verge of a spiritual evolution,” he says, “and these pillars are fundamental in our lives.”

Leon wants everyone to get in on the kindness action, and his latest book is a guide to doing just that: “Go Be Kind-A Life-Changing Little Journal: 28½ Adventures Guaranteed to Make You Happier.”

With humor and candor, Leon and I talk about how essential kindness is to human connection and how teaching empathy creates kind kids. You’ll also find out how to turn off your road rage and why taking a glitter bath is a great idea.

Enjoy the show!

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How to Show Up With Compassion & Kindness – Leon Logothetis – #614


Twitter: @leonlogothetis
Instagram: @thekindnessguy/
“Go Be Kind” Book:
The Kindness Diaries on Netflix:
The Kindness Diaries on BYUTV:
The Motorcycle Diaries:

Key Notes

  • The definition of kindness 00:03:00
  • The kindness guy had road rage 00:06:15
  • Kindness and love 00:15:10
  • It’s ok to get something out of kindness 00:17:30
  • I don’t want to be told what to do by anyone 00:35:30
  • The kindest cultures are the ones that foster community 00:37:35
  • The main thing that stops kindness 00:42:00
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • The recipe to create kind people 00:04:20
  • Make a commitment to show up with compassion 00:08:20
  • No one is perfect – the kindness wagon 00:12:15
  • What Leon does when people ask him for money 00:22:25
  • How to decide what to give someone in need 00:29:15
  • Do people get obsessed with kindness (in a bad way)? 00:34:00
  • Pain is a catalyst for inner change 00:43:40
  • What is cell phone roulette? 00:49:05

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