I Got a Chip Implanted in a Biohacking Garage

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In the underground movement known as biohacking, people are taking their health into their own hands. Grinders make up a subculture of biohackers that seek to enhance the body with implanted technology.

Hacker surgeons like Jeffrey Tibbetts can implant everything from magnets and RFID chip implants (like the microchips we put in our pets), to compasses, miniature harddrives, and wireless routers. Our director Chase got an NFC chip implant.

Depending on their choice of extreme body modification, grinders enjoy benefits such as being able to download and stream content from their bodies, or unlock doors and phones without ever needing to enter a password.

Chase did a lot of his research on the NFC chip that he got at The image at 1:43 is courtesy of them.

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The image at 1:43 is courtesy of: www.dangerousthings.com