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Light for Your Health

By utilizing the natural healing power of red and near infrared wavelengths,

you can improve the way you look and feel.

How Can Joovv Support Your Health and Lifestyle?

Light therapy can be an integral part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Using Joovv can enhance cellular function and help support the following:

Skin Health

Performance & Recovery


Sleep Optimization

Daily use has significantly improved my sleep quality and exercise recovery.

Tim L. I Boulder, CO

Love the3 effect of red and near infrared light!

Great for the skin, healing inside and out, better quality sleep and rejuvenation, and improved energy for the day.

Zeeshan I T. Austin, TX

Shop Light Therapy

Joovv Go 2.0

+ Charging Dock

Joovv Mini 3.0

+ Mini Stand

Joovv Solo 3.0

+ Boot Floor Stand

Balanced, Efficient

Cells Can Enhance

Health and Well-Being

Better cellular health can lead to systemic improvements across your body.

Still Have Questions?

Do I need to Eyewear?

Eye protection should be used when NIR mode is active including Recovery+ Mode. Do not stare directly into the LEDs. The beam window covers the full front surface area of the device. If your eyes are more sensitive to light or if you take medications that have a history of causing photosensitivity, we recommend that you consult your physician before treating with a Joovv device.

What benefits will I receive from this therapy? 

The cellular benefits provided by the wavelengths in our products have been proven in many studies. Red and near-infrared light are energy for your cells. Exposing your body to this light enhances your cells to function as they are designed to. The human body is complex yet amazing! It is hard to predict the way your body will respond to Photobiomodulation and how quickly you will see results. Your cells will decide what healing needs to take place first.

What are the product specifications?

Here is a very helpful Guide that provides a detailed overview of the Joovv modular devices.

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