Longevity, The Knights Templar, And Much More With Ben Greenfield

I spend a lot of time talking to other people on my podcast…

…but I’m not going to do that today.

Instead, today is going to be just me talking to you—a special episode that I affectionately call a solosode.

Anyways, I spend most mornings sipping my morning beverage (whether that’s coffee or tea or Lion’s Mane), reviewing the latest research on topics such as longevity, caffeine, and exercise. This is because while I’ve written about nearly every health-related subject matter in the past, what we know is constantly evolving. Today is my chance to share a few of the latest goodies with you.

So without further adieu, let’s delve right in!

In this special solosode, you’ll discover…

-What we can learn from supercentenarians…07:55

-The Knights Templar diet for longevity…13:40

  • Order of knights in the 1300s with compulsory diet rules (silent meals, a buddy system, and wine “in moderation”) associated with longevity
  • Balance between fasting and cyclic eating
  • Ate meat 3 times per week
  • On Sundays, everyone ate meat together
  • Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, they ate vegetables, bread, potage, fruit
  • On Fridays, they fasted (dried salted fish or dairy substitutes after fasting hours)
  • Everyone drank wine but in moderation
  • Fast—feast—fast cyclic diet
  • Ben’s dietary habits:
    • Rotate heavier eating days, lighter days, and fasts a few times per month
    • Occasionally trains in a calorie-restricted state

-How to time caffeine intake for optimal oxidation and aerobic capacity…18:25

-Omega-3 supplementation in pregnancy for bigger babies and children…22:30

  • EPA and DHA supplementation in women who are expecting resulted in heavier offspring birthweight, healthier babies, and heavier weight in childhood
  • Weston A. Price Diet: diet rich in fatty acids (fish oil), ghee, coconut oil, fish, and organ meats; good for hormonal support, weight maintenance, muscle mass, etc.
  • Serenity Kids baby foods
  • Why You Shouldn’t Let Modern Baby Food Anywhere Near Your Baby (& What To Use Instead To Make Your Baby Stronger & Smarter), with Joe and Serenity Carr.

-Why HIIT is not the way to train…28:40

  • BGF Podcasts with Dr. Steven Hussey
  • Why a doctor wanted to cut out Ben’s colon and put him on anti-depressants
  • Careful, masochists: Excessive HIIT training causes the heart to shift into a state of glucose utilization
    • Reduction in mitochondrial function, impairment, and disturbance in glucose tolerance
    • Exercising harder does not make you healthier
  • High-Intensity Repeat Training (HIRT) and lifting weights every once in a while, taking long walks in the sunshine is far more healthy for heart health and lifespan, glucose tolerance and insulin management, and mitochondrial function

-The relationship between exercise and having a purpose statement…33:10

-Ben’s morning journaling practice…35:35

  • Sabbath Ramblings: What My Morning Journaling Practice Looks Like (& How I Combine Breathwork, Visualization, Tapping, Prayer, Gratitude, Service, Self-Examination & Purpose).
  • Insight Timer app: set for a 7-minute morning meditation
  • Ben’s favorite background music: Angel Choir
  • Set the timer to ding at the beginning, 2 minutes, then 4 minutes, then 6 minutes
  • Read inspirational quotes in Ben’s Spiritual Disciplines Journal
  • Breathwork: 6 count in, 6 count out for first 2 minutes
    • Through the nose, connect with our bodies, connect with God, meditate
  • 2-minute ding: Begin gratitude practice (think about something that we are grateful for), and visualization (induces the same physiological and psychological response as when that gratitude sensation originally happened)
  • 4-minute ding: Begin service practice—think of one person that you can help, pray for, or serve that day (write down that person’s name on the journal)
  • BGF podcasts on programming your subconscious:
  • The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
  • 6-minute ding: Reach for your heart or somewhere you want to set an anchor; when in that place of peace, tap 15 to 20 times (Ben likes to tap his heart center)
  • Bliss Brain by Dawson Church
  • Finish with a prayer; my family usually says The Lord’s Prayer

-Ben’s evening journaling practice…44:00

-Where to see Ben LIVE…48:05

-And much more…

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