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Onegevity is the leading health intelligence platform for wellness. We empower individuals to solve health challenges and optimize performance.

Test Your Gut's Microbiome

Gutbio™ is an at-home test designed to help individuals manage their gut health. The test examines the body's unique gut microbiome and offers AI driven personalized interventions for diet, exercise, and supplementation.

Adapting in real time

It’s impossible for anyone to be an expert in all health dimensions—blood work, genetics, microbiome, physiology—for every health condition, and adapt in real time to new discoveries.

But with Onegevity, more is possible.

The Onegevity experience is truly personalized to you.

Onegevity takes an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving at the nexus of artificial intelligence, science, and medicine. We make the invisible visible, providing you with an insightful picture of your health and empowering you with precise interventions to take action.

We're on a mission to change how people understand and manage their health and wellness.



An at-home microbiome test that uses cutting-edge sequencing and artificial intelligence to provide an in-depth look at your gut health.

Tests and services as unique as you

Each unique test and service empower individuals, professionals and corporate spaces to solve health challenges and optimize performance.


The at-home microbiome, blood, and saliva tests for high-performers, biohackers, executives, and athletes seeking next-level performance and optimal recovery.


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5703 Alberto Plaza, North Hermina, SD 27144

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