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The Oura Ring makes accurate health information personal and 

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Life with Oura.

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Oura’s suite of enterprise solutions,paired with award winning Oura Ring,help companies, research institutions,sporting teams, governments, and morepromote and monitor health andwellness across their organizations.

The Story Behind the New Oura Ring

Life with Oura.

The Oura Ring tracks key signals from 

your body, delivering critical insights to help you build good habits and harness your 

body’s potential every day. The Oura Ring tracks key signals from your body, delivering critical insights to help 

you build good habits and harness your 

body’s potential every day.

Wearing your ring.

Wear the ring 24/7 for the most accurate data and insights.

Ensure the sensors are on the palm side of your finger.

The ring is water resistant, so feel free to get it wet. (It’s hand sanitizer friendly, too.)Charging your 

99.9 %

Resting heart rate *

98.4 %

Resting heart rate *

Charging your ring.

Your ring has a battery life of 5-7 days. When the ring is connected via bluetooth, you can see your ring’s battery level by tapping the circle in the top right corner of your Oura app.



What is Oura?

Oura is health technology designed to educate, inform, and help users accomplish their individual goals. We combine advanced sensor technology with a minimal form factor and a mobile app to deliver personalized insights each day in the form of 3 scores: Readiness, Sleep, and Activity.

How dose Oura collect data?

The Oura Ring features a group of advanced sensors and components that, together, enable the ring to monitor key body signals. Technology includes, but is not limited to, NTC body temperature sensors, infrared LED sensors, and an accelerometer.

What is readiness?

Readiness is an overall measure of your recovery. Oura monitors your body’s signals, picks up on daily habits, and informs you of your capacity to perform at your mental, emotional, and physical best.

How dose Oura track sleep?

Oura helps you monitor your sleep each night by measuring things like Total Sleep Time, Sleep Efficiency, Sleep Latency (how long it takes to fall asleep), and Resting Heart Rate, to help you get a better idea for how well you’ve recovered. Oura also provides you with a snapshot of each night’s sleep, which includes the time and duration of your sleep stages (REM, Deep, Light, and Awake).

How does Oura help monitor illness?

One of the key indicators of an impending illness is high relative body temperature. Oura tracks your body temperature over time, showing both daily and weekly body temperature trends. If you begin to feel ill, you can double-check with Oura to see if you have a spike in body temperature, or are showing signs of strain in other metrics like respiratory rate, heart rate, and heart rate variability (HRV).

How often do I need to check the app?

Most of our users check their app when they wake up each morning. However, we recommend checking your Oura app throughout the day, as well as use features like Moment and Tags to stay on top of your health.

What is the Oura Ring made of?

The ring is made of durable titanium, with a scratch-resistant diamond-like carbon coating, and a non-allergenic, nonmetallic seamless inner molding.

What is the ring’s battery life?

Depending on usage, the ring’s battery can last up to 7 days. The ring is charged using a small dock, and you typically get a full charge in 20 to 80 minutes.

Can I swim or shower with my Oura Ring?

The Oura Ring is water-resistant up to 328 ft. You can swim, shower, bathe, and do just about anything in the water with your ring.