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Pioneering Regenerative Agriculture with Robby S. & Taylor C.

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Reading Time: 8 minutes

What I Discuss with Robby Sansom and Taylor Collins:

  • How Robby Sansom and Taylor Collins became pioneers in regenerative agriculture and founders involved in creating sustainable, high-quality meats…04:48
  • Robby’s and Taylor’s favorite meats, emphasizing their preference for ancestral blends of ground meat that include organ meats for enhanced nutrition and taste…05:57
  • Regenerative agriculture as a farming practice aimed at enhancing ecosystem health through biodiversity and soil fertility improvements…15:21
  • Strategies for scaling regenerative agriculture, focusing on replicating sustainable farming models that adapt to local environments worldwide…18:38
  • How Robby and Taylor became interested in Roam Ranch as part of their commitment to sustainable meat production and environmental stewardship…22:48
  • The beginnings of Roam Ranch, which was established to demonstrate the effectiveness and viability of regenerative ranching practices…28:05
  • Decision to prioritize bison over cattle at Roam Ranch, highlighting bison’s ecological significance and role in promoting soil health and plant diversity…41:05
  • Concerns about methane emissions from bison, emphasizing how regenerative practices at Roam Ranch aim to balance these emissions through enhanced soil carbon storage…50:24 
  • The innovative water management practices at Roam Ranch, particularly how they enhance the soil’s ability to retain water and restore natural water cycles…57:05
  • The sourcing of elk from New Zealand, where animals are raised in sustainable, open-range environments that align with the company’s ethical standards…1:01:14
  • The range of meats offered by Force of Nature, including elk, venison, and wild boar, all sourced from environments that support regenerative practices…1:04:00
  • How consumers can access Force of Nature products directly from their website, supporting sustainable agriculture and enjoying high-quality meats…1:11:26

In today’s episode, you’ll embark on an inspiring journey from the world of vegan energy bars to the pioneering realms of regenerative agriculture with Robby Sansom and Taylor Collins, the visionary co-founders of Force of Nature (use code GREENFIELD15 to save 15%) and Roam Ranch in Texas.

Throughout this show, you’ll get to explore topics like why bison offer superior nutritional benefits and a richer flavor profile compared to domesticated cattle, the invaluable ecological impact these magnificent creatures have on landscapes, and how modern ranchers are using biomimicry to replicate their natural migration patterns for healthier ecosystems.

Our discussion also takes a deep dive into the principles of regenerative agriculture, highlighting practices like rainwater catchment, soil restoration, and the shift from industrial to planet-based farming. You’ll also hear about Robby’s and Taylor’s transition from their successful vegan bar company, Epic, to creating a regeneratively raised meat company, Force of Nature, that champions ethical and sustainable practices. Additionally, we’ll touch on fascinating topics such as the nutritional and culinary benefits of incorporating organ meats, the unique taste of freshly harvested liver, the broader implications of your food choices on the environment, and much more!

Force of Nature was co-founded to accelerate the creation of a global regenerative supply network. Force of Nature works in partnership with land stewards, ranchers, and farmers committed to creating a positive return on the planet. With Force of Nature, consumers now can invest in environmental regeneration by consuming meat that is good for the planet.

This episode offers a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and sustainable agriculture and provides a compelling narrative on the steps you can take to forge a healthier, more connected world.

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Do you have questions, thoughts, or feedback for me, Robby Sansom, or Taylor Collins? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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