Q&A 415: What Is Ben Greenfield’s Current Daily Routine? 13 New Body Hacks, What To Do About Caffeine Sensitivities, Alternatives To Coffee & Much More. – Ben Greenfield Fitness

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Listener Q&A:

What To Do About Caffeine Sensitivities, Plus Alternatives To Coffee…38:25

Nate asks: I seem to have developed some caffeine sensitivity over the last few years. I used to love home-roasting my own coffees, exotic teas, nootropic supplements, but all of these seem way too powerful for me now. I had blood work done recently, and everything looks good. I’ve tried upping my magnesium, adding glycine, experimenting with adaptogens (even lowering the dose). Nothing seems to work. I just tried it again after a long break of over one year without caffeine, and the same symptoms come right back. I miss the productivity and focus it used to give me. I’m hoping you can help me understand the biochemistry of this and maybe some other things I can do to get it back.

In my response, I recommend:

What Is Ben Greenfield’s Current Daily Routine?…57:05

Sana asks: Hi Ben, my favorite parts of your show are when you talk about the need for a daily routine for workouts, supplements, meditation, and things of that nature. I was wondering if you would mind sharing some of your own favorite workouts, routines, meditation practices in more detail? Thanks!

In my response, I recommend:

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