Q&A 417: Dry Vs. Infrared Saunas, The Best Blood Tests For Biohackers, Early Cancer Detection, How To Fix Brain Fog, & Much More. – Ben Greenfield Fitness

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Listener Q&A:

What Are The Best Blood Tests?…29:30

Derek asks: What is the best protocol for testing for a young biohacker who has a limited budget, around $300-700 per year for testing? I’m looking for the best way to optimize my diet and workout.

In my response, I recommend:

How To Fix Brain Fog…42:50

Jacob asks: I’ve been experimenting with nootropics for quite awhile. I host a podcast of my own, and lately, I’ve had a few incidents where I jumbled up my words and experienced a bit of brain fog. I avoid eating rancid, corrupted oils and use a variety of nootropics. Just wondering if you have any ideas and advice on why I might be experiencing brain fog and what I can do to overcome it.

In my response, I recommend:

Dry vs. Infrared Sauna…58:00

Morgan asks: I’m on the verge of buying a sauna, and I can’t decide between a traditional or infrared sauna. In spite of the many health claims of both types of saunas, I can’t find a lot of concrete evidence to support them, especially with infrared. My goal is longevity, and because I’m a 51-year-old skateboarder, I want to recover quickly. So I want to know your thoughts on both types of saunas and which way you think I should go.

In my response, I recommend: 

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