Spirit tips and tricks

I thought I’d just jot down some small tips and tricks I’ve learned during my time with the Spirit to help anyone that is looking to truly learn and get good with her.

  1. Learn to aim your husk. I know this sounds weird, but it all contributes towards the mind game. When you leave behind a husk, it faces the direction you were last looking in before entering the spirit world. During a chase or any sort of engagement, aim your husk to the side or behind you to make survivors think your phasing in another direction or are looking at something else. This may not always work, but you may as well try.

  2. Conserve phase walking charge. Try your best not to use the whole power at once. There are only two scenarios where you would want to. 1. for traversal and 2. for catching up to someone or cutting them off. During a chase, try to use it in bursts so that you can quickly use it again if you mess up. This is important. Resource management is key to being good with her since it’s cooldown is so long.

  3. Faking a phase during a loop. The most effective time to try and fake a phase is during a loop. Seasoned and hardened survivors may have an easier time not falling for it, but mediocre and especially bad survivors will most likely fall for it. This will not always work, but you can also phase during the loop to actually catch them out when they think you’re faking it.

  4. The recovery speed add-ons are some of the most important ones for her. There isn’t much to say, using your power more frequently is always a good thing because if you mess up, you can try again sooner. All of her other add-ons are great and can be combined to have different effects on her power. But above all else, recovery is the most important as of right now.

  5. Try whatever perk build floats your boat. Personally, my holy trinity is Enduring, Brutal Strength and Spirit Fury. I use BBQ&Chilli as the fourth perk but you can use whatever. These three perks allow you to break pallets and generators faster, recover from any stuns you suffer faster and instantly break every few dropped pallets when you get stunned. Another good pair would be Stridor and Predator, allowing you to hear survivors and track them easier. You can combine her own Haunting Ground with Hex: Ruin to slow the game down and punish survivors for making the wrong choice.

  6. Predictions. This is one of the most important aspects of playing the Spirit. She is all about predicting a survivors movement and getting there before they do, kind of like the nurse but much more based on predictions rather than accuracy. This is the main reason she is labelled as hard. You need to get a feeling for her power before you can start reading survivor movements and catching them off guard. Always pay attention to what survivors are doing and how they move.

  7. Passive phasing is a thing. It may not be that strong, but it can mess up a survivors perception of you. Passive phasing is when you leave behind a trail of still images to confuse the survivor and make your movements more unpredictable. Add-ons exist to increase its duration and frequency. You can’t control passive phasing, but being aware that it exists is a good thing at least.

  8. Begin phasing as soon as you load in to the match. Phase to a random part of the map and hope you catch a survivor. If not, that’s alright, you’ve covered some ground and are probably close to survivors anyway. While you are locating and chasing a survivor, your resource meter will fill up for your next hit.

Last tip. don’t be afraid to mess up. The Spirit is not as punishing as the Nurse if you use her power correctly. You are not stunned after your power and you don’t look at the ground and you aren’t slowed. If you conserve your meter, you will most likely be able to try again soon anyway. She may be 110% movement speed but she can still catch survivors, her lunge is the same as every other killer. Her power has amazing potential, you just have to sit down and spend time with her to unlock it.

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