BIOHACKS EVERYONE CAN DO // with Biohacking Chick

BIOHACKS EVERYONE CAN DO with Biohacking Chick // 𝗖𝗟𝗜𝗖𝗞 𝗧𝗢 𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗠𝗢𝗥𝗘 ↓ Today I chatted with Sylvia Tabor (Biohacking Chick) about easy (and free) ways you can biohack your health. Sylvia has been into biohacking her body since she was a child and has a great story to tell. 0:50 Get to know Sylvia […]


Fala turma! Trouxe hoje um vídeo muito legal sobre BioHacking, um assunto que gosto muito e que sempre fiz. Biohacking é a tentativa de manipular seu cérebro e corpo para otimizar o seu desempenho. Para Dave Asprey criador do Bulletproof, biohacking é “a arte e a ciência de mudar o ambiente ao seu redor e […]

The Biohacking Company Testing Drugs On Itself (HBO)

On October 17, 2017, Tristan Roberts, an activist and software engineer, injected himself with a chemical solution that he hoped would modify his genetic code to cure him of his HIV — and he live-streamed the entire thing on Facebook. The gene therapy Roberts self-administered was not approved by the FDA: It was an experimental […]


Biohacking Your Body with Ben Greenfield | MIND PUMP Subscribe to Mind Pump TV: INSTAGRAM: Connect with Ben Greenfield below: Peptides BPC157 Carnivore Diet Basic Omnivorous Diet 50-60% Fat 20-30% Protein 10-30% Carbohydrate (higher carbs saved for active days and end of day) What’s exciting right now? Single set till failure isometric training Isometric Training […]

Father Of Biohacking – Dave Asprey: SLEEP HACKING

Dave Asprey, Father of Biohacking, says you might not be as good at sleeping as you thought. There is an epidemic of bad sleep. So how can you hack it? Dave dug in. Should you take collagen protein, raw honey, or Brain Octane Oil before you go to bed? Or none of the above? Dave […]

Become Bulletproof: Dave Asprey Reveals His Biohacking Secrets

Are you ready to become bulletproof? Dave Asprey is the king of biohacking who expects to live to the age of 180 using his biohacking secrets. Learn more about Dave Asprey and his Bulletproof products: ???? RESOURCES MENTIONED ???? Bulletproof Podcast ► Bulletproof YouTube channel ► Bulletproof Labs video ► ???? QUESTIONS I ASKED ???? […]

Meet the biohacker using CRISPR to teach everyone gene editing

Meet the biohacker who wants to teach everyone how to edit genes Josiah Zayner is a biohacker who thinks everyone should be able to change their DNA with biotechnology called CRISPR. That’s why he founded a company called The ODIN, which sells do-it-yourself biotech kits that teach people how to genetically modify bacteria and frogs. […]

Meet the Biohackers Who Are Transforming Their Own Bodies

Grinders are bio-hackers, but the hardware that they are interested in upgrading is their own body. Every year, the bold and the brave make a pilgrimage here to California’s remote Tehachapi Mountains for Grindfest, a weekend dedicated to the merger of man and machine. They are transhumanist in the most literal sense. Grinders want to […]


In this video, I try BIOHACKING for 30 days at BULLETPROOF LABS. You may have heard of Bulletproof or Bulletproof Coffee (the famous butter coffee), founded by biohacking health and wellness expert Dave Asprey. Bulletproof is a global health brand dominating the wellness space in human performance optimization and biohacking. Bulletproof Upgrade Labs is a […]

I Got a Chip Implanted in a Biohacking Garage

Like this video about biohacking and subscribe here: Up next- Meet The World’s First Bionic Drummer: In the underground movement known as biohacking, people are taking their health into their own hands. Grinders make up a subculture of biohackers that seek to enhance the body with implanted technology. Hacker surgeons like Jeffrey Tibbetts can implant […]