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Experimenting with Biochip Implants

Subscribe to MOTHERBOARD here: Humanity just made a small, bloody step towards a time when everyone can upgrade themselves towards being a cyborg. Of all places, it happened in the back room of a studio in the post-industrial German town of Essen. It's there that I met up with biohacker Tim Cannon, and followed along as…

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Biohacking a Dog

Biohacking a dog with wieners, a laser cutter, and robotics. More info: Dog: Barkley Filming: John Willner - Drone Filming: Garrick Santos Dog wranglers: David Willner, Chelsea Osman No help at all: Morgan Ryan Heavy Action by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: source

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'Bio hacking' your way to a smarter brain

They're called "nootropics", supposedly brain-boosting supplements that are surging in popularity from Silicon Valley to university dorms. In the new Canadian documentary Smart Drugs from acclaimed director Ann Shin, futurist Nik Badminton goes all in on nootropics. For months, Badminton ingests a cocktail of pills and powders to see if he can 'bio hack' his…

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Biohacking Your Body with Ben Greenfield | MIND PUMP Subscribe to Mind Pump TV: INSTAGRAM: Connect with Ben Greenfield below: Peptides BPC157 Carnivore Diet Basic Omnivorous Diet 50-60% Fat 20-30% Protein 10-30% Carbohydrate (higher carbs saved for active days and end of day) What’s exciting right now? Single set till failure isometric training Isometric Training till Failure Hypoxic training paired with hyperopic training Subscribe to Mind Pump…

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