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Biohack Yourself: A Day With Bulletproof Coffee Founder Dave Asprey | Fast Company

Dave Asprey, founder and CEO of Bulletproof, is considered by many to be the father of modern-day biohacking. Fast Company writer John Converse Townsend recently traveled to Asprey’s home lab on Vancouver Island, in Canada, for a crash course in the Bulletproof lifestyle--complete with high-tech, sci-fi-like machines like an infrared light bed and atmospheric cell…

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Meet the Biohackers – BBC News

Bio-hackers are people who want to make their bodies and brains function better - by ‘hacking’ their biology. That could be as simple as taking vitamin supplements but if you call yourself a Bio-hacker you’re likely doing far more than that. In this film Catrin Nye meets people inserting technology under their skin, trying to…

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DIY Biohacking: Do(n’t) Try This at Home

Like this video about Josiah Zayner's DIY CRISPR kit and subscribe here: Up next- I Got a Chip Implanted in a Biohacker's Garage: A mail-order CRISPR kit, manufactured by Dr. Josiah Zayner is turning the scientific and medical communities upside down. Zayner, a biophysicist turned biohacker, believes we’re dragging our feet on realizing CRISPR’s potential.…

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