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How To Increase Your Daily Energy – w Dr Steven Gundry/ Roger Snipes – Podcast

Download my 12 Week Weight Loss Transformation eBook. FREE Pre Order my paperback book on Amazon Your Mind Builds Your Body: Social links Email: [email protected] Product recommendations and services: Podcast Audio and Video link: If you liked the video please subscribe, like and share with someone else who would benefit from watching/listening. Today I speak with former cardiac surgeon and author of…

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5 Gundry-Approved Vegetarian Superfoods

Is going vegetarian on the Plant Paradox plan possible? It is with these 5 Gundry-approved vegetarian superfoods… All are wonderful for your digestive health, great sources of healthy protein, and completely meat free – perfect for a plant based diet without lectins. Watch to the end – number 5 will surprise you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gundry MD's YouTube Channel:…

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