How to Live Longer [Pt 1] – Evolution-Based Eating

Steven Gundry MD sits down with Peter Diamandis, successful entrepreneur and founder of the XPRIZE Foundation, to answer hard-hitting questions about “The Plant Paradox” and eating for longevity. The entire 90-minute webinar has been divided into 5 Youtube videos. source

Dr. Gundry's Food Pyramid

It’s no wonder so many people are struggling with their weight and understanding of good nutrition. The foundation of so many dietary recommendations is bread, pasta, cereal, and more bread. That means the foundation of these outdated dietary plans is one of the food groups likely containing more additives than any other food group. The […]

How to Die Young at an Old Age with Dr Steven Gundry

It was wrong of me to originate your picture and information from your website with no permission; however, I don’t use them to make any trouble but to offer people new knowledge and worldwide events only. I know I have made a big mistake. So I am truly sorry. Please accept my sincere apology for […]

Quieting the Internal Auto-Immune Battle with Dr. Steven Gundry

If your battle with chronic illness has left you feeling drained and constantly fighting off mood or weight swings you need to hear Dr. Steven Gundry’s solution to ending the autoimmune battle. This week, he joins us to discuss his work as the world’s leading cardiothoracic surgeon and his new book The Energy Paradox which […]

How To Detect Pancreatic Cancer With Lewis Howes and Dr Steven Gundry

Get your biome intelligence test at In this short clip, Lewis Howes is interviewing Dr Steven Gundry. Dr Gundry tells how we can detect pancreatic cancer with the oral biome. Get these books by Dr. Steven R. Gundry: The Plant Paradox: – The Longevity Paradox – SOURCE Lewis Howes source

Gundry MD | Become an Ambassador

Gundry MD Ambassadors are passionately committed to joining Gundry MD in dramatically improving human health, happiness, and longevity in their communities … and we reward them for doing so! Think you could be a good fit for the ambassador program? Click here to learn more or apply! #gundryMD #testimonial #Ambassador source

What makes Gundry MD Different? #Shorts

#shorts #GundryMD What makes Gundry MD Different? Dr. Gundry tells us what sets apart Gundry MD from other supplement companies. Follow Gundry MD on: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: source

The Shocking Secret Of Blue Zones Longevity! | Dr. Steven Gundry

Everybody in the blue zones has one commonality in their diet that makes them live longer and healthier than the average people, backed by recent large health studies explained by Dr. Steven Gundry. Watch the full interview by Lewis Howes here: Speaker: Steven Gundry ——————————————————————————————————- Watch How Your Thoughts Are Connected To The Future By […]

Longevity with Dr. Steven Gundry: Rational Wellness Podcast 133

Dr. Steven Gundry talks with Dr. Ben Weitz about How to Die Young at a Ripe Old Age. Dr. Steven Gundry is a cardiovascular surgeon who has changed his focus to a Functional Medicine/Integrative approach. He is the director of the International Heart and Lung Institute in Palm Springs and the founder and director of […]

The Longevity Paradox – Interview with Dr. Gundry

• Certain plant lectins are highly inflammatory and interfere with nutrient absorption across your intestinal wall. Evidence suggests avoiding these lectins could help boost longevity by protecting gut health • Many of those 95 or older who are still in excellent health have an IGF-1 level between 70 and 80. Restricting animal protein has been […]