Dr. Steven Gundry Finds Incredible Superfood in Italy (See Descriptio)

ON LOCATION IN BEAUTIFUL ITALY : Steven Gundry MD shows you one of the most anti-oxidant rich, POLYPHENAL PACKED fruits in the world. This “Super-cherry” is a central ingredient in Dr. Gundry’s groundbreaking “red’s” formula. Polyphenals are possibly the most important nutrients in human nutrition… far more powerful than typical antioxidants. They have been strongly […]

Do vegans live longer? Dr. Gundry responds: | Ep113

Today, I’m going to discuss the DANGERS of a vegan diet, how you can get the benefits of veganism without giving up your favorite foods, and why some of my LEAST healthy patients when they first see me are actually the vegan ones. Full transcript and show notes: #vegan #DrGundry #plantbaseddiet source