Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Spot-Reducing Fat Loss, & More!

Adam Lamb is the founder and manager of RenewLifeRX, a hormone optimization clinic. He has spent the last 10 years helping to explore and facilitate the process of hormone optimization through strategies such as stem cells, peptides, testosterone replacement therapy, and others.

He is also the author of the best selling book “Better Than the Binge, Overcoming the Social Obligation of Alcohol” where he helps ordinary people remove alcohol from their life so they can accomplish extraordinary things.

Adam is a devoted husband of over 12 years and a father to an 11-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. He often speaks on managing the daily challenges of being an entrepreneur, family man, and keeping himself in peak physical condition. If you asked him to “sum up” his lifestyle in one word, it would be “discipline.”

During this discussion, you’ll discover:

-What effects a poor night of sleep or high alcohol consumption can have on your hormones…7:04

  • Lower testosterone as one might expect
  • Other activities (watching a fight, viewing porn, etc.) will elevate testosterone levels

-How to gain a birds-eye view of your overall hormone quality…10:34

  • Understand the story of your life: environment, history, genetics, etc.
  • Phase 1 test: CBC, metabolic, lipid, DHEA, total testosterone, TSH, IGF-1, FSH, LH, PSA, SHBG, estradiol
    • CBC is for standard overall health
    • DHEA can be used to regulate circadian rhythm, overall health, rather than testosterone
    • Total testosterone
    • IGF-1 levels reveal sleep, stress, recovery; potential red flag for pituitary dysfunction
    • FSH, LH baseline, message from the brain to the testes
    • High PSA levels may be indicative of prostate problems
    • SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) levels rise on high fat, low carb diet
  • Thyroid medication is one of the most overused medications
  • Testosterone therapy is not intended to be a permanent solution
  • Lack of sleep, stress, etc. affect the brain’s communication w/ the body regarding testosterone production
  • Many variables can affect estrogen levels, which makes it an unreliable indicator of hormone health
  • There are no absolutes; everyone’s body absorbs, responds differently

-Why Adam only uses blood tests to quantify his patients’ hormone quality…34:10

  • Trust factor: tried and true
  • Other tests such as the DUTCH test are sourced out when necessary
  • Every 6 months is the gold standard for the max time between tests
  • Longtime patients are self-experts
  • Potential to identify other health concerns when blood is tested regularly

-What variables are tested differently for women vs. men…41:20

  • Pregnenolone, progesterone; everything else is fairly similar
  • Women typically don’t take enough testosterone
  • Women have a wreck of hormones after having a baby
    • Testosterone elevated to optimal levels helps everything else fall into place
  • Low dose = 2.5-4 mg

-Adam’s preferred form of delivery for testosterone replacement…45:56

  • For men: 80% use testosterone cream (prescription needed), healthiest and safest means, no needles or gels
  • Doses can be adjusted based on where they feel the best
  • Injections: split dose throughout the week
  • It’s one or the other (injection vs. cream) most of the time
  • Consistent application of small doses is far preferable to infrequent larger doses

-Why the vagina or scrotum isn’t the best place to apply the cream…51:23

  • The best place to apply the cream is the back of the knee, forearms, or shoulders
  • It’s where the highest concentration of testosterone is already located
  • Patients have reported imbalanced numbers after applying scrotally or vaginally

-Whether increased testosterone levels can deleteriously affect one’s overall health…54:08

-The peptide stacks recommended by RenewLifeRX…1:00:19

-Why Adam wrote a book on controlling alcohol consumption…1:09:17

  • Adam’s book: Better Than the Binge: Overcoming the Social Obligation of Alcohol
  • Chronic biohacker (keto diet, intermittent fasting, etc.)
  • Alcohol was always part of Adam’s life; had an alcoholic father
  • Went on an alcohol fast for 30 days, then 60, then 90, decided to never drink again
  • There are benefits to microdosing on alcohol, provided it’s not a “fall back”

-And much more…

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