The Best Light Bulbs for Better Sleep

How Red Light Bulbs Promote Better Sleep

Studies show that red wavelengths of light are most conducive for better sleep.(3)The main reason for this is that the red-light spectrum consists of low color temperature, which is similar to what you’d experience while watching a sunrise or sunsetoften even lower!  Unlike conventional light bulbs that emit melatonin-suppressing blue-green light, red light bulbs won’t alter your internal clock and inhibit your sleep.  This means that in the hours leading up to bedtime, you could immerse yourself in red light while doing the dishes, reading in bed or following your nighttime skincare routinewithout impacting your melatonin production or delaying sleep onset. 

Red is a color often associated with passion, power, aggression, anger, even fear. Not so, when it comes to your health in body and mind. Scientific research suggests that bathing your body in red light at night could help you sleep better, and reduce your risk of chronic disease. – Marika Sboros(4) 

Note that while red light bulbs are the most conducive for better sleep, it can look a bit dramatic for some tastes, especially if you’re new to the world of red light. One way to offset the redness throughout your bedroom and/or home is to use white lampshades to diffuse the light. This will help calm the space and make it appear a bit more mellow. 

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