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The Coolest, Craziest Peptides & Where To Get Them

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Reading Time: 8 minutes

What I Discuss with Kyal Van Der Leest

  • Kyal’s quick reference guide for understanding various peptides and their applications…05:28
  • His diverse career as a naturopath, nutritionist, and formulator…08:00
  • The regulatory landscape of peptide use in Australia compared to the United States…12:02
  • The risks of contamination in injectable peptides with substances like lipopolysaccharides…18:23
  • The recommendation against taking digestive enzymes simultaneously with peptides…20:22
  • The formulation and benefits of a gut repair formula that combines multiple peptides for enhanced gastrointestinal healing…23:30
  • How oral bioavailability of peptides varies, plus their impact on inflammation, pain relief, and sleep enhancement…24:52
  • The unique properties of the Tβ4 peptide and its effectiveness in tissue repair and recovery…33:26
  • The role of the 5-amino-1MQ peptide in enhancing NAD levels and its implications for health and performance…36:28
  • The benefits of guanidine-acetic acid (GAA) when stacked with creatine for improving muscle creatine levels and overall performance…38:35
  • Icarin’s role as a naturopathic alternative to Viagra, enhancing sexual health through its PDE5 inhibitory effects…42:21
  • The cognitive and neuroprotective benefits of NACET, an advanced form of N-acetyl cysteine that supports brain health…45:10
  • The use of TUDCA for promoting liver health and ensuring proper bile flow…47:31
  • Discussion of new products in development that leverage cutting-edge ingredients for health and wellness…52:55
  • Natural strategies for boosting testosterone and muscle growth…58:42
  • The potential of peptides in enhancing athletic performance and recovery. The need for more accessible peptide therapies…1:02:22

In this episode, you’ll get to discover the fascinating realm of revolutionary peptides with two-time guest, Kyal Van Der Leest — a distinguished naturopath, nutritionist, supplement formulator, and the founder of LVLUP Health (use code BEN10 to save 10%). Discover how these powerful compounds can rapidly repair tissues, elevate your energy by boosting NAD levels, sharpen your mind, and even naturally enhance sexual health, offering alternatives to medications like Viagra. Kyal and I will also unravel some of the most innovative peptides you may have never heard of (but should definitely get to know).

Additionally, you’ll explore the compelling synergies between peptides and functional fillers for optimized absorption, the wonders of COX-2 inhibitors for inflammation, and the multifaceted benefits of GHK-Cu for anti-aging and longevity. Kyal will also break down the science and applications of peptides like PEA for sleep and inflammation, 5-amino-1MQ for boosting NAD levels, and Tβ4 fragments for pain and wound healing.

You’ll also delve into practical tips for maximizing the effects of these potent compounds, discover why Kyal advocates for funding and research in peptides, and how contamination concerns emphasize the need for good manufacturing practices. Our conversation broadens to encompass intriguing topics including the nuances of gut health, innovative testosterone optimization methods, the significance of the blood-brain barrier in preventing neurodegenerative conditions, and much more!

Kyal Van Der Leest is the founder, formulator, and face of LVLUP Health, an Australian-based supplement company. Under his guidance, LVLUP Health (use code BEN10 to save 10%) has created a diverse range of cutting-edge supplements utilizing incredibly powerful ingredients that you may not have heard of before. His formulations aim to simplify complex health protocols, reducing the need for multiple products by offering all-in-one solutions that make supplementation easy and effective. LVLUP products incorporate a unique combination of the best ingredients from functional medicine, naturopathy, and nutrition, targeting the multiple mechanisms driving health conditions. These include orally bioavailable peptides, herbal botanical extracts, isolated herbal constituents, bioidentical and activated nutritionals, and vitamins, ensuring the highest efficacy.

Without further ado, get ready for an enlightening journey into the world of peptides, packed with actionable insights that promise to elevate your fitness, health, and overall well-being. And if you didn’t catch my firstfascinating show with Kyal, you can click the link below to check it out here.

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Do you have questions, thoughts, or feedback for Kyal Van Der Leest or me? Leave your comments below and one of us will reply!

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