These Are Skills Needed To Earn Respect | Q&A with Tom Bilyeu

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Are you struggling with gaining the respect from your family, your workplace, or friends? How can you command their respect and be acknowledged for your many accomplishments? In this Q & A with Tom, class is in session, so get ready to learn the truth about the respect so many of us value and want to have more of. Tom talks about being so ridiculously good that you can’t be ignored, but he also gives you actionable tips and areas to focus on if you want to gain the respect you deserve from your family and workplace, even if you are at your lowest point. In the words of Kobe Bryant, “Boos don’t block dunks,” and your respect is more about you than anyone else.


Family Respect | Tom discusses being so good you can’t be ignored and earning respect [0:22]
Career Respect | The value of consistently over delivering to make real demands [5:34]
Demanded Respect | Why swag and not wanting from anyone is key to respect [10:28]
Respected Compassion | Being hard core and being the champion for others [15:35]
Respect from Failures | How to earn respect through failures and consistency [21:33]
Cultural Differences | Tom’s advice to live radically different from the cultural norm [27:25]
Respect Summed Up| Tom confirms respect is a consequence of your confidence [31:28]


“Be so good they can’t ignore you” getting so good at something that you can’t be denied
“If you can be ignored the only way out of that is to continue to get better, get to the point show it so many times that it is just self evident” [1:26]

“If you really want an extraordinary life, trying to optimize for your dollars in the short term is a losing proposition. You want to over deliver consistently at a freakish level, and then when you’ve done that, you can make real demands. Demands that will change your net worth forever” [10:00]

“Respect comes from competence” [11:12]

“Don’t come to the world with your hand out. Don’t act like the world owes you anything.” [12:52]

“if you’re really going for something extraordinary i think all of us are going to fail at least as much as we succeed,maybe more” [24:03]

“Failure is the most information rich data stream you will ever encounter” [25:52]

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