Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths – When talking about weight loss, most people’s gut reaction is to immediately think of strict diets, and hours upon hours of exercise. But as some of us learn the hard way, there’s a lot more to the equation. After all, not every workout craze or fad diet will really do the trick.

As someone who has dedicated his career to helping countless patients slim down and get healthy, Steven Gundry MD has made it his life’s mission to teach people the truth about weight loss. Not only has he lost – and kept off – a significant amount of weigh himself, but he has PERSONALLY battled and debunked many of the prevailing weight loss myths.

In order to lay these false beliefs to rest and help you succeed in weight loss – without wasting money on expensive meal plans or gym memberships – Dr. Gundry created this video to share his top 5 weight loss mythis with you today.