Why Is Empathy Important? An Answer To A Pressing Question

Humankind has reached an evolutionary stage that has allowed for great progress in many areas. Yet we seem to have grown more distant from each other in the process.

Contemporary lifestyle is hectic. It leaves little time to think about your own feelings, let alone the feelings of others. There is an ongoing race to be better, smarter, faster, and more successful, sometimes at the expense of others.

Slowly but surely, this causes you to grow distant from the people around you. Which brings you closer the question: why is empathy important?

Why Is Empathy An Important Skill?

Simply put, empathy is important because it helps you create more meaningful relationships. This is not limited to just your personal life. Empathy is an important soft skill for succeeding in business as well.

For example, a major aspect of most successful businesses is teamwork, which is based on constructive conflict. This conflict yields positive results only if you trust the team you’re working with and keep an open mind. Trust comes from and there’s no way to build trust unless you’re able to empathize with those around you.

In other words, empathy allows you to design your thoughts and actions according to the emotions of others. It allows you to understand what motivates others and know what’s most important to them.

It involves a complete understanding of their personal situation, which leads to more effective problem-solving.

Empathy is the key to genuine communication.

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What is the purpose of empathy?

Humans are designed to be social beings. And empathy can help you create better relationships with the people around you.

Empathy goes beyond verbal communication: it gives you the ability to read between the lines and interpret body language, tone of voice, and nonverbal cues. In turn, it’s much easier to manage conflict and you become better at predicting mutually beneficial solutions.

Empathy also expands the horizon of your perception. By seeing the world through other people’s eyes, you get a chance to perceive things from different viewpoints. This creates a positive feedback loop: the more you expand your perception, the more empathy you’re able to exercise.

What Is Empathy And Why Do We Need It?

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of other people. Genuine empathy prompts you to act, which is one of the reasons we so desperately need to develop this skill.

According to research, greater empathy translates to prosocial behavior: a form of social behavior that aims to not only help others but help society as a whole. It’s a pretty powerful practice.

Overall, you need empathy to establish a gateway to a more meaningful life which involves fostering values that are socially desirable. In the end, empathy helps you create an equilibrium between your emotions and the emotions of those around you.

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What are the benefits of empathy?

Empathy comes with many benefits. It nurtures a form of selflessness which triggers the brain’s pleasure center. As a result, you feel more fulfilled when you empathize.

Next, empathy puts you in harmony with life and the world around you. This induces a greater sense of identity and it helps you gain emotional balance.

What’s more, empathy is known to have an emotional healing effect on both the recipient and the giver. It not only helps others feel better but can help you better cope with feelings of anxiety, depression, and isolation.

The final word

“You are the author of your own life.” -Jon Butcher, Author of Mindvalley’s Lifebook Program

Empathy is a great tool for creating an extraordinary life for you and all the people you come in contact with. Just keep an open mind, listen to those around you, and connect with them by taking on their emotional experiences.

Is empathy important to you? Do you find it difficult to relate to others? Share your thoughts and drop us a comment below.

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