Why Quality Meat Matters for You and the Planet

Mike Salguero is CEO and founder of ButcherBox, the first delivery service dedicated to providing 100 percent natural, grass-fed beef, organic chicken and heritage pork to consumers.

ButcherBox began in 2015 and today, delivers natural, organic meats directly to consumers’ doors nationwide through a simple monthly subscription service. All ButcherBox products align perfectly with a Bulletproof diet because they are humanely raised and free of antibiotics, hormones, and GMOs.

Mike is on this episode of Bulletproof radio to discuss the mission of the company and how they plan to make natural, organic meats available to everyone.

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Quality Meat Matters for You and the Planet – Michael Salguero #543


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Show Notes

  • How Mike first got his hands on grass-fed meat 00:06:25
  • It’s really hard to be a small farmer 00:15:00
  • Every cow starts out the same way and then it is all economics 00:16:15
  • The amount of life that is in good soil 00:22:00
  • Dave’s experience with eating vegetarian in Tibet 00:22:30
  • Recovered vegetarians 00:24:20
  • What should we call people who care about the meat they eat? 00:27:25
  • In defence of the meat industry 00:28:15
  • Would you eat algae fed beef? 00:33:00
  • Why you don’t want to burn your bacon 00:37:20
  • Two types of slaughterhouses 00:40:40
  • Why Mike believes that you can run a business ethically 00:49:40

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