Workout Mistake – The Big FAT Strength Lie!


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I’m sure if I asked you to tell me the WORST workout mistake, you could rattle off at least 5. BUT, this one tops them all!

The reasons why this is so bad are:

1.  It’s happening now more than ever
2.  People think they’re doing a good thing
3.  This leads to more injuries than anything else
4.  It brings your progress to a grinding halt

So it stands to reason, we need to fix this now! I’m going to go into a bit of “Jeff Rant Mode” in this video, but for good reason. This is so important and it needs to be heard and quite honestly… shared with many who are making this all to common mistake.


P.S.  There’s a saying I use that I believe is needed now more than ever and that is, I feel it’s the responsibility of today’s good strength coaches to put the “truth back in training”.  This is straight truth. Will make some uncomfortable, and what that reveals is telling…

The #1 Big FAT Workout Mistake (TOPS THEM ALL!)

P.P.S.  If you’re looking for a program that doesn’t just put truth into the training but a heavy dose of real world science into the selection of workouts, exercises and how you do them…

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