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Biohacking is the integration of modern science, biology, research and technology to “optimizing and “upgrading” the human mind and body.

If you are unsure of what it is… Think of Apple Watch, Fitbit, Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Sleep Tracker Apps, Oura Ring, Red Light Therapy, Cryotherapy, etc.

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Have you heard other people talking about Optimal Living and are wondering what is and whether it could help you achieve more of your goals in life? In this blog, we take a closer look at what biohacking and optimal living is all about and how you can make changes to your life to exploit its full potential.

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Dr. Mindy Pelz


Dr. Mindy Pelz, D.C. is a bestselling author, nutrition and functional medicine expert.

Thomas DeLauer


Thomas DeLauer is a coach to professional athletes, special operations, and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Dave Asprey


Dave Asprey is the Founder & Chairman, Bulletproof. He is a three-time New York Times bestselling science author.

Bizzie Gold


Dubbed the Millennial Voice of Personal Development, Break Method Founder and author.

Chloe Weber, L.Ac.



Her life’s work is all about businesses that enable common folks to achieve healthier daily lives.

Angela Martinucci


Mind Balance offers NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback and Peak Performance Coaching programs.  


Blog Posts

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we talk about minerals, ask some foundational questions about why they matter to your biology, and why you probably would do a lot better as a biohacker, or just as a human being who wants to be hard to kill, if you pay way more attention to them. We have more than 30 trillion cells in our body and every single one of them requires minerals to function. You can’t live without minerals. Caroline Alan, co-founder of BEAM Minerals, knows first-hand the importance of minerals. Before she started with BEAM, she was working under…

Recently, on my San Diego trip during which I interviewed Navy SEAL Nick Norris and hydration expert Tracy Duhs, I was introduced to a guy named David Perez, who is the CEO & chairman of the board at Nurish.Me. I immediately hit it off with David, because he and I were able to geek out hardcore on supplements and the supplements industry as a whole, along with a host of unique, fringe ingredients he has studied, and many other things he is up to and interested in, including space travel, global charities, nanotechnology, and much more! Over a career span…

Here’s a question I hear almost daily: “Dr. Gundry, should I try the keto diet?”Well, as you’ll hear on today’s episode, there’s one BIG problem with most versions of the keto diet…And it’s not necessarily what’s IN the keto diet, but what most people leave OUT.It’s not just the keto folks, either. In fact, just 5 percent of the U.S. population gets enough of this important nutrient from their diet. Which is too bad, because when you combine this “super nutrient” with a TRUE keto diet, it can help you transform your metabolism, strengthen your gut microbiome, balance your hormones, and…

Q&A with Mike Grillo, Gravity CEO & Co-founderDo you consider yourself a good sleeper? What helped you become a good sleeper?Throughout my early to mid 20s I suffered from bouts of extreme insomnia linked to clinical depression and anxiety. Overcoming insomnia starts with realizing that it’s often a symptom of something else going on — either mentally or physically. For me, a mix of therapy — CBT has worked wonders — and generally prioritizing my sleep space by investing in nice mattresses, bedding, etc. has made all the difference in establishing a positive relationship with sleep. Walk us through your sleep…

Dr. Anthony G. Beck first appeared on my podcast in October 2015 for the show “The Physician Who Personally Advises The World’s Leading Health Authorities, And His Tiny Invention That Pro Athletes Swear By.” I then invited Dr. Beck to come back 3 years later, in March 2018, for “The Danger Of ‘Shrooms, Eating & Supplementing “Seasonally”, Whether Lectins Are Really Bad For You & Much More With Dr. Anthony G. Beck!“ Another 3 years have gone by and I’m psyched to be welcoming Dr. Beck back to the podcast to discuss his unique Balance Protocol approach to health and…

Ben Greenfield’s discoveries, from the latest news on the fronts of fitness, nutrition, health, wellness, biohacking, and anti-aging research. I also recap my upcoming events and special announcements so you can keep up with giveaways, discounts, and more! New Discoveries Of The Week: Cool New Things I’m Trying, Books I’m Reading, And More! The Threads I’m Digging Most Stoked. Just got my new threads and my upgraded new wardrobe for this year from my latest favorite discovery: a men’s luxury clothing company called “Spiritual Narcissist,” which my friend Austin Floyd just launched @spiritual.narcissist. This stuff is all made from TENCEL…



Can you Hack Your Biological Age? | Ben Greenfield

Want to stay young and live longer? Ben Greenfield at A-Fest Sardinia 2018 shares his tips with you for longevity and how to biohack your body. Enhance your health, fitness and longevity in this FREE Masterclass with Ben 👉

How to Use Nootropics to Feel More Like Yourself | Dave Asprey on Health Theory


This week’s guest on Health Theory is Dave Asprey. He is the founder and CEO of Bulletproof Coffee and the author of 5 best selling books. In this episode he talks about nootropics, gratitude and how to use cyclic ketosis to enhance your performance.

The Surprising Secrets To AGE IN REVERSE | David Sinclair


Harvard scientist reveals the secrets to age reverse. David and his team have found that there is a “backup hard drive of youthfulness” in the cell.

Resource Library

Minimum Effective Training

7-Minute Workout

Very quick 7 minutes Tabata sets can be used to get big breakthroughs in muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness and big growth hormone release in a very short period of time.

This is a beginner level workout that is designed to burn fat and build lean muscle mass through a series of short, intense intervals.


Each exercise should be performed for 30-seconds followed by 5-second rest. This is high-intensity workout, so keep exercising at effort high. By rotating worked muscle groups you rest while training.

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Jumping Jacks- 1 set  of 30-seconds 
Wall Sit- 1 set of 30 seconds

Push-ups-1 set of 30-seconds

Perform each exercise followed by 5-second rest

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