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Max Lugavere: Health and Science Journalist,

Max Lugavere
Max Lugavere is a renowned health and science journalist, filmmaker, and New York Times bestselling author. Driven by a personal quest to understand and improve brain health, Lugavere has dedicated his career to sharing evidence-based knowledge on optimizing cognitive function and overall well-being.

Books and Publications

Lugavere’s literary contributions include the Genius trilogy of books, which focus on the connection between diet and brain health:
  • Genius Foods – A New York Times bestseller, this book offers a guide to optimizing brain function through diet and lifestyle choices. It includes scientifically-backed recommendations and delicious recipes to support cognitive health. [1]
  • Genius Kitchen – A Wall Street Journal bestseller, this cookbook provides over 100 recipes designed to nourish the brain and promote overall health. [1]
  • The Genius Life – This book delves into the science of gene expression and how it can be influenced by lifestyle factors to enhance brain health and performance. [1]

Podcasts and Media Appearances

Lugavere has made numerous appearances on popular podcasts, including “The Joe Rogan Experience,” “The Tim Ferriss Show,” and “The Rich Roll Podcast.” [2] He also contributes to various health and wellness publications, such as Men’s Health and The Daily Beast. [3]
Documentary Films
In addition to his written work, Lugavere has produced and directed several documentary films that explore topics related to health and nutrition:
  • “Bread Head” – This film delves into the impact of diet on brain health and the potential benefits of a gluten-free lifestyle. [4]
  • “The Real Skinny on Fat” – In this documentary, Lugavere investigates the role of dietary fats in overall health and challenges conventional wisdom on the topic. [5]
Through his multifaceted approach to sharing knowledge on brain health, Max Lugavere has become a leading voice in the field, empowering readers and viewers to take control of their cognitive health and well-being.