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Dr. Steven Gundry, MD: The Pioneer in Holistic Health and Wellness

MD, Dr. Steven R Gundry
Welcome to our resource page highlighting the groundbreaking work of Dr. Steven Gundry, MD, a true pioneer in the field of holistic health and wellness. Here, you’ll find valuable information about this renowned cardiologist, author, and medical researcher, whose innovative approach has transformed the way we understand and promote well-being.
About Dr. Gundry
Dr. Steven Gundry is a celebrated American cardiac surgeon and the founder of The International Heart and Lung Institute, The Center for Restorative Medicine, and GundryMD. He has dedicated his career to providing innovative solutions for enhancing overall well-being, focusing on diet, nutrition, and lifestyle interventions.
Books by Dr. Gundry
Discover Dr. Gundry’s bestselling books, where he shares his knowledge on heart health, diet, and longevity:
  • “The Plant Paradox” – Dr. Gundry’s groundbreaking book reveals the hidden dangers in certain “healthy” foods and offers a comprehensive program to regain health and vitality.
  • “The Longevity Paradox” – A practical guide on how to prolong healthspan, slow down the aging process, and enjoy a healthier, happier life.
  • “The Energy Paradox” – This book provides solutions for regaining energy, focus, and a strong immune system by optimizing gut health.
Online Presence
Connect with Dr. Gundry on his official website, social media, and podcast:
GundryMD Protocols
Dr. Gundry has developed a series of protocols to address specific health concerns:
  • The Plant Paradox Protocol – A comprehensive approach to adopting a lectin-free diet for improved gut health and overall well-being.
  • The Longevity Paradox Protocol – A plan designed to slow down the aging process and optimize longevity.
  • The Energy Paradox Protocol – Focusing on mitochondria health, this protocol aims to restore energy levels and boost vitality.
To get in touch with GundryMD or find answers to frequently asked questions, visit the Contact page on the GundryMD website.
Explore Dr. Gundry’s collection of health-enhancing supplements, vitamins, and wellness products by visiting the GundryMD Shop.
Stay up to date with the latest news, research, and insights from Dr. Steven Gundry, MD, and continue on your path to optimal health and vitality.