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A Crash Course in How to Build Radical Confidence – Lisa Bilyeu – #936

…you’ll learn that to be a high performer, you’ve got to have radical confidence to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself. Today’s guest, Lisa Bilyeu, explains how real confidence is an inside job, not something you gain from outside validation. When Lisa co-founded Quest Nutrition, she was a self-professed housewife boxing protein bars in…

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Understanding & Controlling Aggression – Huberman Lab

Listen: Apple Podcasts | Spotify This episode I describe the neural mechanisms that activate and control aggressive states and behaviors and the role of hormones—estrogen and testosterone—in mediating violent and/or competitive aggression. I also describe tools that can be used to modulate the factors that have been shown to ‘prime’ an individual for aggression, including…

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Relieve Your Back Pain in 4 Steps – Dr. Marcella Madera – #933

… you’ll meet a holistic neurosurgeon who’s evolving spine care away from cutting. Dr. Marcella Madera’s integrative approaches to spine problems pair science with holistic healing modalities. This means way better healing for you. Dr. Madera’s innovations in spine treatments include the “Aqua Method,” where photobiomodulated platelet rich plasma meets functional tissue mobilization and movement.…

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Find Your Footing in Minimalist Footwear – Xero Shoes – #935

Research published by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in 2021, “Stepping Back to Minimal Footwear: Applications Across the Lifespan,” examined evolutionary drivers and mismatches related to footwear and resulted in three distinct categories: First, cushioned (elastic) soles slow the rate of loading at impact and decrease sensory perception, Second, these supportive shoes reduce…

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